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December 2015
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Your Area 12 Board
Message from the Chair - Michèle Sharik

Happy holidays, Area 12!

It's December, so join me in singing (grammar geeks, please forgive me!):
It's the MOST busiest time of the year - for bell choirs!

Like many of you, I am a Christian and so am celebrating Advent and Christmas. But I know there are bell choirs out there that either themselves celebrate or may be called upon to help someone celebrate other holidays such as Diwali, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, Solstice, and more. If your group is planning to play for any of those holidays, would you please let me know? I love to see how handbells are used to help celebrate so many things - from religious holidays, to civic holidays, to weddings, birthdays, and even memorial services. Drop me a line at Chair.Area12@HandbellMusicians.org to let me know what you're up to this winter - and send me pictures if you have them!

Anyway, in between all your own concertizing, shopping, and celebrating, do take some time to go watch, listen to, and support other groups in your region this month. There are plenty of opportunities to do so - just click on the Calendar icon in the left-hand navigation panel, pick one of the many options near you and go! It'll be a great way to relax and refocus in this "most busiest time of the year!"

My Best,
Michèle Sharik
Communiqué - Barbara Meinke, Communications Director
Barbara Meinke

So, giving out information is easy! List the info on the calendar, post the info on your Facebook page, email the info to the participants, send the info in the mail. Well, it's easy if you DO it (or delegate to someone else to do it!) Come on, send me that event and concert info!

But COMMUNICATING - therein lies some skill! Make it sound good. Make it look good. Make it smell or taste good. Make it feel good. "Getting through" to people is a neat trick! Some of us are just bell junkies, but others? They listen to my brother-in-law's favorite radio station  - WIIFM...What's In It For Me!

So, what IS in it for them, ringers and listeners alike? A festive (and cheap!) evening out? A tax deduction? A group to belong to? The warm fuzzies for supporting an art? And educational experience? A place to serve? What do you have to offer them and why should they do it? You have to do more than just give them the information. You have to sell it!

We have a unique and wonderful gift to offer! Let's use this season of high exposure to get through to people that handbell ringing is an art worth supporting!

Warmest holiday greetings to you and yours!

Barbara Meinke
Communications Director
Area 12 Ringers'  Festival Conference
June 16-19, 2016

The DoubleTree by Hilton
Modesto, CA

Thanksgiving has passed. You're probably overstuffed and know your December obligations will absolutely fly by. 2016 will be here before you know it! BUT, don't forget "The Hop!"

Early Bird registration begins in January, so stay tuned to this Juke Box for that selection date.

The Central Valley Double Tree Hotel has 258 newly renovated guestrooms with stylish décor, including plush-top beds with triple sheeting and down comforter. Their rooms are 25% larger than the industry average and include double vanities. Facilities include a restaurant, two lounges, beauty salon, outdoor pool and Jacuzzi, state-of-the-art exercise salon with men and women's showers. This hotel adjoins the Modesto Centre Place (convention center) where "at the Hop" you have access to 32,000 square feet of space to experience it all! The hotel is in the heart of downtown within walking distance of antique stores, art galleries and an 18-screen movie theater, and enough restaurants to satisfy any culinary desire. You're going to need a good night's sleep following each day ringing at the Hop. Between the many classes, sectional rehearsals, "all-ring" track, conference choir and special lunch/dinner feature groups, this event will keep you "Hoppin'"! Themed around the Modesto "American Graffiti" movie, the entire month of June offers car shows, parades, and music, so bring the entire family and make it a back to 50's getaway!

Planning is well underway for next June's Area 12 Handbell Hop Modesto.  We are in search of volunteers for three positions:

Solo Performance Coordinator: The conference will have three lunch time performances. The responsibilities  for this position include participating in the selection process and being point of contact before and during the conference.
Conference Choir Coordinator: The primary responsibility is being point of contact before and during the conference for the choir and the directors.
Silent Auction Coordinator: The conference committee would love to continue this tradition established by Norma Rose. The responsibilities include soliciting items from members and local merchants, setting up and supervising the tables during the conference, and distributing sold items. Do these yourself or recruit a team to work with you!

These descriptions are brief so, if you have questions, please contact Kathy Arnold at registrar.area12@handbellmusicians.org. She'll answer your questions and get you dialed in!

Southern Nevada - Alison Pruett, Regional Coordinator
           January 9, 2016
 Desert Spring United Methodist Church
120 N Pavilion Center Dr
Las Vegas, NV 89144

Our conductor, Barbara Meinke, will direct four massed ringing pieces and all groups will be invited to perform a solo piece.
Details and Registration forms available by clicking here NOW!
This event is sponsored by Handbell Musicians of America 
Alison Pruett
Southern Nevada Regional Coordinator

For information on Southern Nevada's concerts, events,
and other opportunities, click here. 
San Francisco Bay Area - Kendra Scott, Regional Coordinator

Please come to our

Grace Lutheran Church Sanctuary
3149 Waverley St, Palo Alto
Saturday, January 16th, 2016 at 10 am

Mel Tully of West Coast Handbell Supply will provide music for purchase.

Only $5 to offset production costs!

Register by sending email to 

April 8-9, 2016
Valley Church in Cupertino

The 2016 Bay Area Spring Ring has a great lineup this year you won't want to miss!

In addition to Area 12's own Barbara Meinke at the helm, the event will feature some amazing teachers. Returning to give his insightful spin on mallet technique is Alex Guebert and Linda Krantz will round out the SoCal "trifecta." Derek Nance will be on hand to provide maintenance instruction for those who own Schulmerich handbells. And back to teach at the event that he founded is Cupertino's own Dave Ruder.

As always, the featured event of the day will be the noontime concert and this year we're thrilled to have the incredible Sue Garton. A handbell soloist since 1993, Sue will be here all the way from Slippery Rock, Pennsylvania. She is an experienced solo performer, teacher and coach, and attendees will have the benefit of all of those skills at their disposal during the 2016 Spring Ring. Don't miss Sue while she's on the West Coast!

Class descriptions and concert information will be posted to the website soon, so make sure you check it out at www.handbellventures.org/springring.html

This event is endorsed by Handbell Musicians of America 

Don't forget to check out the Area 12 Concert calendar for a holiday event near you! 

Happy ringing,

Kendra Scott
Bay Area Regional Coordinator

For information on San Francisco Bay Area's concerts, events,
and other opportunities, click here.

                             Find us on Facebook                 
Southern California - COULD BE YOU!, Regional Coordinator
So Cal Spring Ring 2016
Saturday, April 16

featuring Alex Guebert, conductor

St. Thomas More Catholic Church
Oceanside, CA

Check out repertoire info in our last issue and 
look for registration info here soon!

This event is sponsored by Handbell Musicians of America 

So Cal Region is looking for a coordinator! Won't you please raise your hand?

Send email to Michèle Sharik 
Southern California Regional Coordinator
This email address IS being monitored!
For information on Southern California's concerts, events,
and other opportunities, 
click here. 
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Northern California - Nancy Schmitt, Regional Coordinator
Nancy Schmitt
Hello Northern California,
70 ringers at the 8th Annual Redding Handbell Festival on October 31 had a GREAT TIME! The festival included massed ringing led by director Tessique Houston and Red Zone Bronze Choir led by Larry Sue as well as some great classes.
We performed a final concert of massed ringing, Red Zone Bronze choir, quartets, duets, and solos for and audience of 150 people!
If we didn't see YOU there, we hope you'll join us next year!

Now comes a busy month of holiday concerts, so be sure to check the Area 12 calendar for concerts near you.

I wish you all a very Merry Christmas.


Nancy Schmitt
Northern California Regional Coordinator  

For information on Northern California's concerts, events,
and other opportunities, click here!
Los Angeles Metro - Scott Leggett, Regional Coordinator

Well, it's the end of year already, but, like most of you, it's our busiest time for bell ringing. I was thinking about 2015 and all the handbell events, concerts, services, and rehearsals I was a part of and it brought a smile to my face. What we do is hard work, but so much fun and it brings joy to all those who hear us ring. I feel so lucky to be part of many handbell communities and I encourage you all to think about what you have done this year and what you want to accomplish in 2016.
Timbré Ensemble
And, for something to get excited about in 2016, Timbré Ensemble will be our Spring Ring featured clinician! We'll have a whole gaggle of pros to satisfy our handbell appetite! Date and location to be announced. If your location can host, please contact me ASAP!

Till then,

Scott Leggett
Los Angeles Metro Regional Coordinator
For information on LA Metro's concerts, events,
and other opportunities, click here.
                            Find us on Facebook                   
Hawaii - Karen Carlisle, Regional Coordinator
Karen Carlisle

Aloha, everyone!

We had an exciting month here and, as always, have a busy upcoming Christmas Season. November boasted a very successful Aloha Ring. Imagine this - 40 people doing a flash mob. What do you think? Yes, we had everyone perform a flash mob at Safeway!

I had Barbara Meinke to work right off the airplane. We did a mini workshop on a rehearsal night for our friends at Kawaiaha'o Church. They have some members from a Seventh Day Adventist church in their group so they can not attend the Saturday workshops on their Sabbath Day.

Barbara was up for my challenge of teaching and performing "Carol of the Bells" from Christmas Flash Mob arranged by Timothy Waugh (personally I think she thought I was crazy!). She slowly started teaching the lower pattern of the flash mob first, by rote. No one knew why they were doing it or what they were in for! Teaching the parts in between working on other music, they didn't know it was Carol of the Bells until lunchtime! Then she announced we were going to perform it. No one believed her until we were out the door! What was great about this besides being so much fun? It taught them they can memorize the music and put themselves out there! Barbara also showed us different ways to use the music - as a processional or introduction to another piece. We sent them all home with copies to use. Check out our Youtube videos from the workshop.

Carol of the Bells Flash Mob, Honolulu, HI
Carol of the Bells Flash Mob
Aloha Ring, Honolulu, HI
Aloha Ring, Honolulu, HI

I loved that we had a group of middle school students from the Big Island. To see their faces light up from playing new instruments (handchimes) and seeing the largest and smallest of handbells was a joy! They can't wait to flash mob all over their island!

As I now work with all of my groups putting final touches on our Christmas programs, I think "Yikes! It is only a week before we start performing!" I want to wish you all a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. Happy ringing!!!! 


Karen Carlisle
Hawaii Regional Coordinator

For information on Hawaii's concerts, events,
and other opportunities, click here.
Central California - Christine Anderson, Regional Coordinator

Greeting, Central California!

I would love to connect with folks in our region! Reach out and let me know what YOU are doing! Where there are Christmas concerts? Let me help you advertise them!

Tip of the month: Are your bass bells too soft to be heard on the soft clapper setting, but too harsh on the medium setting? Try removing the felt from one side of the clapper and ring on the "feltless soft" setting. If isn't better, at least you still have one felt left! You might enjoy the option of four volumes/timbres instead of three. I cut through the felt with small sharp scissors and pull the felt out with pliers.

Ring with joy!

Christine Anderson
Central California Regional Coordinator

For information on Central California's concerts, events,
and other opportunities, click here.
Northern Nevada - Barb Walsh, Regional Coordinator


'Tis the season that the rest of the world thinks about handbells! If you're capitalizing on this trend and having a Christmas concert or two (or 12!), please be sure to let our The Twelfth Tone editor, webmaster, and me know so we can put it on the Area 12 calendar. Then everyone can turn out and support one another!  
Will someone please share their tip on flying with handchimes with us? Tintabulations will be attending the International Handbell Symposium in Vancouver, BC this summer. We will probably be driving, but when we have flown, we've always ended up borrowing chimes because we haven't been able to keep our chimes safe. We have Port-a-Bell cases for the bells, but I don't know of anything that's been created for chimes. Anyone have any tips on this? Email me and we'll share it with everyone!

Barbara Walsh
Northern Nevada Regional Coordinator

For information on Northern Nevada's concerts, events,
and other opportunities, click here. 
International Symposium 2016
click the image for all the details!