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January 2014
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Although handbells are not

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In the hearts of thousands,

The Raleigh Ringers'

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Now this tradition

can be yours, too.

Available December 1st

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Jan. 31 - Feb. 3

Cincinnati Airport Marriott


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International Handbell Symposium 2014, Jeju, Korea. Click the image for more info!

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Concerts at a Glance 
January - February

For more details
check out our calendar at www.areaxii.org

Bay Area
1/4/14                               7:00 pm
Sonos Handbell Ensemble 
Twelfth Night Concert with Guest Artist Soprano Marisol DeAnda
Lafayette, CA

1/25/14                             4:00 pm
Redding Bronze
event final concert
Redding, California

01/05/14                            3:00 pm
Christmastide Handbell Concert
Temecula, California


Your event can appear here!
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the entire Area 12 calendar,

Check out the piece about our favorite instrument on
National Public Radio's
Planet Money podcast!
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Mel Tully, Vendor Liaison
P.L. GroveWebmaster

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Julie VaquilarBay Area
Lori SmithCenCal
Barbara WalshNevada
Nancy SchmittNorCal

Local Liaison
Dixie BaileyLas Vegas
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Teachers, would you like the use of a 3-octave set of handbells or handchimes to add interest and a new dimension to your music class? Area 12 encourages schools and other educa-tional institutions, both public and private, to develop educational programs using handbells and handchimes. To support the development of such programs, Area 12 has two sets of 3-octaves of handbells and three sets of 3-octaves of handchimes for loan. Deadlines for applications are 5/31 for the Fall Semester and 10/30 for the Spring Semester. To learn more about the respon-sibilities and procedures for participating in this pro-gram, click here.
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 from your Area 12 Board
Message from the Chair - Michèle Sharik
Happy Holidays, Area 12!
     I hope the holiday ringing season went well for all of you - and for those for whom the season is not yet over, I wish you the energy to keep going! 
     The new year is the perfect time to look forward. There are several spring ringing events coming up - check the calendar below for those close to you - and don't forget our Area Conference in June in San Luis Obispo! Registration will be opening soon, so keep an eye on the Area 12 website as new information will be added throughout the month. I, myself, am really excited about all of the great classes we have planned, as well as the fun percussion activities that will be happening all through the conference!
     OK, that's enough from me. Check out the rest of this newsletter for information about events in your region and have a wonderful new year of ringing blessings!

My best,

Michèle Sharik



2014 Festival Conference Information



Performance Opportunities in SLO!

Here is your chance to Shake, Rattle and Ring
for all of Area 12 to see! 
There will be four performance opportunities for handbell groups or soloists! Check the Area 12 website in January for complete info on our easy application process.
Join the Movers & Shakers Conference Ensemble for intermediate and advanced ringers! Everyone in the ensemble will work with all three guest conductors! Here is your chance to get to work very closely with Kevin, Michele and Jason! Again, check the Area 12 website in January for complete info on our easy application process.
What Else Is Shakin' at San Luis Obispo?

Thinking about attending our fabulous Shake Rattle & Ring Conference in June?  Of course you are! We have
Jason Wells
Kevin McChesney
and Michèle Sharik
conducting and an innovative program of tracks you won't find anywhere else! 

And here are a bunch of reasons why you should sign up as soon as registration opens (our target date is February 1st)
  • Michèle Sharik's brand new Body Bellistic Track - Ergonomic ringing! 
  • Handbell Theatre (not offered anywhere else in the universe this year!) 
  • Intro to Solo Ringing with the incomparable Linda Krantz 
  • Quartet Ringing - surprise clinician info coming shortly 
  • Listening & Recording Lab with Jason Tiller 
  • Hand percussion and mallet tracks!
We're also offering FREE activities, including
  • Have Your Say - Our version of Un-Conference, where you get three minutes to talk about your fave handbell subject in front of the entire conference! Speak your mind, and find out what everyone else is cooking up! 
  • Reading Sessions - Ring like a crazy person through tons of music with a variety of directors. This is a great way to have some fun, find cool music for your group, and hone your reading skills. No pressure - just ring like crazy! 
  • Juggling - We all joke about juggling bells. Well, we think we should all learn to juggle! We're still hunting for a qualified teacher for this, but we expect to be offering a juggling class for anybody who's brave enough to try!
And of course, you can shop till you drop at our silent auction and vendor areas.


But here's the BEST NEWS
We have an Early Bird rate of only $98/day when you sign up for 5 Tracks (3 days - Fri., Sat., Sun.) before March 1st! That means you'll need to sign up in February to get this deal! We expect to open registration on February 1st, so be ready!
And wait! There's MORE!
If you think you can't afford to attend the Area 12 Shake, Rattle & Ring Conference next summer in beautiful San Luis Obispo, California, THINK AGAIN!  
Every two years Area 12 offers scholarships to two Area 12 members to assist them with the cost of attending the Area 12 conference. The Jim Scott Memorial Scholarship assists one ringer and one director who demonstrate financial need by covering their registration, hotel room (half the double occupancy rate), and any meals that are included in the registration packet.

Applications are being accepted now through April 15th, so don't delay! If you or someone you know is interested, send in your application today.

To find out more information on qualifying for the Jim Scott Memorial Scholarship and to download an application, click the blue link or contact Rima Greer.

Apply now, so you can come Shake Rattle & Ring with us! 
See you there!

June 19-22, 2014
Embassy Suites  
333 Madonna Road
San Luis Obispo, California

Conference Repertoire List Now Available
on the Area 12 Website! 

Keep your eye on this newsletter and the conference webpage 

for more information as it is released!
Communiqué - Barbara Meinke
Barbara Meinke

At last, some R&R!

If your R&R is like mine, it really means 
recoup and re-set, or, as my sister puts it, "rinse and repeat!" 

So, how can we get that elusive rest and relaxation so we can move through 2014 with a renewed spirit and energy? We have to make a decision for it! When you receive this newsletter, I will be tucked away for four days in my aunt's (who also serves as my big sister, mentor, and mom) lovely mountain home in Cottage Grove, Oregon...a last minute decision for real (and rare!) R&R. I hope I will have been able to leave all things work at home. What have YOU planned to allow your spirit to rest and relax?
After my R&R, I will be like many of you - working, planning, rehearsing, teaching, performing, entertaining, volunteering, perhaps even making up for time spent on R&R! I will be looking forward to So Cal Spring Ring, LA Metro Spring Ring, and Area 12's Shake, Rattle, and Ring and even starting to dream about what my groups and I might do in the fall.

Speaking of volunteering, the Area 12 board could use your help too! We have big and little jobs. Just reply to the newsletter email or send a message to our chair to join us in any way you are able!
Wishing you R&R (whatever that means to you!) and all good things in 2014!

Barbara Meinke
Nevada - Barb Walsh, Regional Coordinator

Barb Walsh Headshot 

Northern Nevada Christmas

 by Sarah Bigelow


     There is room in the wide open spaces of northern Nevada for a multitude of things. Winter is marked with glittering snowflakes blanketing mile-high mountains which snag sun-tinted clouds in a glory of colors. 

      Then Christmas comes, bringing starry nights of mystery, wonder, perhaps even angels and joy. Heaven and nature sing, humans repeat the sounding joy, and bells join the enchantment!

        Northern Nevada is filled with a myriad of bell concerts. One cold night, with frozen snow crunching underfoot, a bell choir in a small town gives voice to delight as the town illuminates their Christmas tree. On another evening, a charity group serves dinner as bells provide carols in the background. A bell tree duet chimes in with the angel chorus as a church choir sings their Christmas cantata. A children's bell choir rings with frozen fingers while the community food drive takes place. Excited school groups perform their long-practiced songs for proud parents and loved ones. In the bustling city of Reno, the mallets of a well-known community bell group set a breakneck pace while bells ring 'Sing We Now of Christmas'. They then join the orchestra in glorious harmony that lifts the audience far above humdrum daily life.

    From excited beginners performing halting melodies to accomplished almost-professionals sweeping a crowd to its feet, Nevada has room for it all. With nature singing and bells repeating, music permeates our winter wide-open spaces, bringing the wonder of love to one and all.


Happy New Year to all!


Barbara Walsh

Nevada Regional Coordinator


NorCal - Nancy Schmitt, Regional Coordinator
Nancy Schmitt

Dear Handbell Musicians,


     Another year has come to an end! Now it is time to look forward to 2014 and what you might want to accomplish. Perhaps this is the year you or your bell choir will attend your first festival or workshop! Perhaps it is the year your bell choir will present its first concert. Maybe this is the year that you will try ringing a solo piece or team up with another ringer for a duet. This is surely the year that you will want to attend the Area 12 Ringers Conference in June. There are so many possibilities! There is never a dull moment in the handbell world!

     Please remember to send your concert, festival, or workshop information to me for posting on our website and calendar. We don't want anyone to miss your event! I wish you all a Happy New Year of ringing!




Nancy Schmitt

NorCal Regional Coordinator  

Bay Area - Julie Vaquilar, Regional Coordinator
Julie and Martalina


Happy New Year, Bay Area Ringers!

Let's ring in the year with some handbell resolutions, striving to be better ringers by focusing on specific goals. Here are some ideas to make more positive contributions to your ringing group.



Resolution: Get to rehearsals early and be ready to ring on time.

Result:  Rehearsal time becomes more productive!


Resolution: Help set up or tear down rehearsal space. Sometimes we rely on the usual good-natured folks to do all the hauling.

Result:  Rehearsals start on time, people get to leave earlier, and group morale is boosted from everyone sharing responsibility!


Resolution: Prepare music before rehearsal. Even looking at music ten minutes a day can help!

Result: Directors can tell when people have worked on the music during the week.  Happy directors make happy ringers!


Resolution: Encourage your group to attend the Bay Area Spring Ring in Cupertino on May 2-3, 2014. Click on the blue link for info!

Result: Take classes about different handbell topics, learn about bell-trees, see solo performances of eight-in-hand ringing, and participate in mass ringing with composer and conductor Fred Gramann from the American Church in Paris!


Resolution: Organize your group to go to a Bay Area handbell concert. See our calendar section in the left column!

Result:  By watching other concerts, you can learn so much about performing and organizing a concert, meet other bell ringers, and enjoy the gratitude of performers appreciating your supporting their efforts!


Resolution: Join the Handbells Musicians of America.

Result:  Take advantage of The Guild's online resources, email newsletters, and the Overtones magazine, and find out about area, national, and international events.


These are just some of many ideas. You may decide to come up with your own goal. Maybe your group is willing to come up with goals for your group. Regardless, the start of a new year is an ideal time for reflection and action.


Happy 2014!


Julie Vaquilar 

Bay Area Regional Coordinator


Find us on Facebook                 

LA Metro - Pearl Marshall, Regional Coordinator
Pearl Marshall Photo

New Year's Greetings

LA Metro Ringers and Directors!


     I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday season filled with the joyous sound of handbell ringing!


     Our Spring Ring is just around the corner. As you know, time flies. The flyer and registration form are available here. Check it out now so you don't miss your chance!



We're back and ready to go!

March 29, 2014   11:30am-8:30pm

at Azusa Pacific University

with clinician Dr. Donavon Gray

Registration Deadline:  March 1, 2014


     Our teachers will be Barbara Meinke teaching "Beyond the Basics," Michele Sharik offering "The Body Bellistic," and Alex Guebert with "Just Hit It," an exploration of the auxiliary percussion instruments. As one of our repertoire pieces has roots in the shape-note tradition, we will offer a 20 minute shape-note singing mini-class specifically using that tune.


Join In My New Year's Resolution!

     I have to admit I was disappointed that the Sonos concert was the only one publicized on our webpage for the season. There were several potential audience members looking for handbell performances, and I know there were many in our area.  Unfortunately, I wasn't able to tell them where to find you.


     I'd like to invite you to join me in renewing our efforts to include everyone who wants to hear handbell music. All you need to do is send an email to Barbara or myself with the group name, date and time, location, and contact info. I'm going to send my group's spring concert info to Barbara right now!


Ring on! 


Pearl Marshall

LA Metro Regional Coordinator


 Find us on Facebook                   

SoCal - Vacant, Regional Coordinator

Mark your calendar now!
April 5, 2014
Temecula, CA
Conductor - Tessique Houston

Look for registration forms and repertoire on our website at
This event is sponsored by Handbell Musicians of America

San Bernardino, Riverside, Imperial
and San Diego Counties need YOU!


Contact Michele Sharik to learn more about

how you can serve our Southern California Region! 


Could Be You! 

SoCal Regional Coordinator


  Find us on Facebook                

CenCal - Lori Smith, Regional Coordinator
Lori Smith


Hello CenCal Folks!

     Looking back at the Fall and Christmas seasons...

     In November, the city of Modesto enjoyed the collective efforts of several bell groups from town, as well as neighboring towns, for the 3rd Annual Bells of Blessing concert held at Modesto Church of the Brethren as a benefit fund raiser for the local chapter of the Salvation Army. Four pieces were played as a massed ring, and each group was invited to ring their own special piece. The bells from St Paul's United Methodist Church in Manteca shared their additional talents, as they sang concurrently with their ringing, which resulted in a lovely listening experience.

     Opus Handbell Ensemble in Modesto had a successful holiday season, the highlight being a "double-header" at the Gallo Center for the Performing Arts (Modesto). The morning program for elementary school children from the local district alternated holiday tunes on the bells, scenes from a play, and educational info about how the bells are played, what sounds they make, etc. The evening program for the community featured slightly varied repertoire. Ringing under professional lighting was a huge treat!

     A few months ago, I wrote about the bell group from Modesto Central Seventh Day Adventist Church. They were preparing a piece, "That Night In Bethlehem," which included a Celtic harp and flute. I was fortunate to attend the concert and the piece was really quite exquisite.
Wishing you all Happy Ringing in the New Year!

Lori Smith

CenCal Regional Coordinator  

Hawaii - Karen Carlisle, Regional Coordinator
Karen Carlisle

Mele Kalikimaka!

     I hope it was a great holiday! I am recuperating from our concert season. Between November 17 and December 22, I completed eight concerts and five worship services! Then on to do two more Christmas Eve services. I am hoping that all of the Hawaiian handbells groups have had a chance to participate in a concert or worship service during this busy year!

Happy Holidays!

Karen Carlisle
Hawaii Regional Coordinator