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NEADS/Dogs for Deaf and Disabled Americans provides independence to people who are Deaf or have a disability through the use of canine assistance.

Thankful for Dogs 
Graham, enjoying the Fall leaves

Thanksgiving is a great time to reflect on everything we are thankful for. At the top of that list at NEADS are the supporters, volunteers, donors, and staff that keep NEADS in motion every single day.

But when it comes down to it, we could not do what we do without dogs. Their love, devotion, commitment and caring -- not to mention their smarts -- make them the ideal candidate for service work.

When people ask us how our dogs do such incredible things to help our clients, we tell them about the exceptional work of NEADS trainers. But we also rely on the fact that dogs enjoy working. They exhibit a clear sense of pride for what they do and their service work simply wouldn't be possible unless the dogs themselves absolutely loved it.

Many people are astounded by how well-trained and well behaved NEADS dogs are. We commonly hear, "oh, my pet dog could NEVER do that!" That may be true, because NEADS dogs are truly amazing! But just as assistance dogs find joy from their purpose in opening doors, fetching cell phones, and being a lifeline for those who need help, so do pet dogs appreciate the kind of "work" they do as well! Your dog loves attending to your needs too, even if that just means cuddling with you after a long day at work, fetching a ball to make sure you get your exercise, or giving you wet sloppy kisses to show how much they care.

When you think of NEADS, think of how thankful you are to have the animals in your own life, and then think of all the men, women and children whose lives are changed by the assistance of a NEADS dog.

This Thanksgiving we are thankful for dogs -- their unyielding capacity for love, their ability to know exactly what we humans need before we know it, and even for their fur on the furniture. We love them completely, and we love them unconditionally.

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On Sunday November 17, 20 graduates gathered on stage at Monty Tech in Fitchburg, Mass to celebrate their partnership with a new canine friend. Clients spoke from the heart. Here are just a few favorite quotes:

"Rory is the first thing Lucas thinks about in the morning, and her name is the last thing he says when he goes to sleep." Kristina, Lucas' mom, about Social Dog Rory

"My name is Rayanie, and Chief is my best friend, and I wouldn't trade him for anything." -- Rayanie, age 7, about Social Dog Chief

"Every day as my disease progresses I realize the wonderful things that they teach these dogs, and I still have my independence and my dignity thanks to what NEADS has offered." Nicole Monfredo & Murray

"Everywhere I go with Justice, everyone smiles at me, and people come and talk to me and it's really nice to have that connection with people." Jennifer Tanner & Justice
"There was a little bit of a process for me physically, emotionally to be prepared to get another Service Dog [after my first dog Emmie passed away], but when I was ready there was only one place I would come, and that's here, here at NEADS." Larry Brennan & Apple 


Thank you to everyone who participated in the ceremony! We had an incredible crew of volunteers, especially the JRROTC at Monty Tech. We could not have done this without such dedicated help.


Our next graduation is Sunday April 6. Mark your calendar!  

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MORE -- If you live near the NEADS Princeton, MA campus, please stop by our store, Monday through Friday, 9-5. There you'll find fleeces, sweatshirts, vests, holiday ornaments, books, hats, bags, stuffed animals, pins, dog toys and treats, and more!


Watson opens the door for Nicole
"I go to Providence College, and being on my own is -- it was very difficult.  Watson takes things that used to get me so frustrated and makes them fun.  I drop something, it's like his play, he gets to just have so much fun with it, and I don't get frustrated anymore because I know he'll be right there to help me.  He just knows exactly what I need and where I'm at, and he loves to help, which is the best feeling in the world to know that someone is there for you and wants to be there for you. I am so lucky and thankful to NEADS.  This year would have been a lot different, harder without him."


Please don't forget to join us in person!
  • NEADS Annual Meeting -- December 4, 6:00 PM
    NEADS Campus, 305 Redemption Rock Trail South, Princeton, MA
  • Pictures with Santa -- Sunday, December 8, 10AM-2PM
    Wachusett Animal Hospital, 29 Theodore Drive, Westminster, MA 
Learn the details at our online calendar. 
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