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July 2015 

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Message from the President - Confidence
Fabulous Women Series Debuts
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Message from the President

Confidence: it's difficult to define but easy to detect. With it, the world is your oyster. Without it, you live in the oyster's shell sitting by the shoreline. Confidence is that quality that sets people apart. Confidence has energy, and is complex: neurologists say it's rooted in our DNA. Psychologists decree that it's the product of choices we make, sports authorities and performance coaches declare it comes from practice and hard work. Some of us are born more confident than others ... and it is partly genetic however, confidence can be acquired; it's part science, part art. General confidence is an attitude, a way you approach the world; self-confidence is a sense you can accomplish anything. 

Sports and Confidence
Assuming the basic physical components are in place, the secret ingredient of success in sports competition is mental confidence. World class soccer pro Carli Lloyd, "Best Player" and FIFA World Cup championship hero, 2015 wanted to be the "best soccer play in the world." She then set her priorities and told fiancÚ, family and friends they were all #2 - in terms of her time and attention; soccer was #1, as she has a finite window to play (age factors, etc.) "We didn't come here to take second place. We came here to win it." I think we all believed... we felt it and what a convincing win;" goal achieved.

To win you have to set goals, evaluate priorities and believe in yourself, ... believe you can win.
Excellence is precise, practiced, measured, judged. 
As athletes practice and train, we too, can train our minds and literally change our brain structure to be more prone to confidence and expand our confidence framework. 
Studies show confidence is more important than competence and ability when it comes to getting ahead at work. Projecting confidence can affect your rise up the corporate ladder - - you have to have it to be good at your job. Higher status means you are more admired, listened to, and have more sway; confidence sways people. Whether consciously or subconsciously, we all give confident people an inordinate amount of admiration and respect. Confident people are highly prized individuals. 

According to Katherine "Katty" Kay, an English journalist and lead anchor of BBC World News America, "When people are confident...when they believe they are good at something, regardless of how good they actually are, they display behavior (non verbal and verbal) which makes them appear confident in the eyes of others; whether they truly excel or not is irrelevant." 
Note: over-confidence can be misinterpreted as arrogance. 
When you genuinely believe you are good, that self belief comes across. When people genuinely don't believe in themselves, we pick up on this quickly.

Fabulous Women Series Debuts
Lt. Governor Karyn Polito

This column will profile top tier, truly exemplary women business leaders who will share their personal stores and advice.  They will reveal what motivates them and disclose how challenge, struggle and adversity underscore achievement and make them the women they are.  I know these fabulous women will inspire and motivate you as much as they have me. Please enjoy.


News from Judith Bowman Enterprises
Flexing Our Political Muscle
We are now actively working one-on-one with political candidates and spouses, to create self awareness and provide the tools necessary to enhance credibility, likeability, trust and help foster genuine relationships with voters through nuances.
Welcome New Clients
We are pleased to welcome the following new clients: Baystate Financial, Travel and Transport, Inc., Fidelity Family Office Services, athenahealth, and Lando & Anastasi. Thank you to Boston Women Communicators (BWC), and Leadership In Action (LIA) for inviting us back!

Leader to Leader
Leader to Leader is an award-winning quarterly journal that brings leaders together to address the strategic issues we face in these trying times.

PCI was honoured to have been asked to contribute an article on leadership which features our new book, "How to Stand Apart @ Work, Transforming Fine to Fabulous"


Our new weekly radio segment, "A Protocol Moment," airs every Tuesday at 11:30 a.m. on Boston Herald Radio, WMEX 1510. Hosts are Jaclyn Cashman and Hillary Chabot, Morning Meeting. 
Book Makes Amazon TOP Ranking!
How to Stand Apart
Our book, "How to Stand Apart @ Work ... Transforming "Fine" to Fabulous!" made the Amazon Best Sellers List as one of the top business protocol books in the country.

HTSA@W is available on bookshelves everywhere. You may also order a copy on our website or through Amazon.com.

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Support St. Jude Children's Research Hospital
We are donating a portion of the proceeds to my favorite charity, (also my Patron Saint) St. Jude Children's Research Center.

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How to Stand Apart
Question of the Quarter - Forms of Address

Q.  We receive many high level business executives and dignitaries from other countries who are frequent visitors here.  How do we greet these titled dignitaries?


A.  Sheiks, Princes, Dukes and Duchesses, Prime Ministers, Ambassadors, Presidents, etc. all have different titles and correct salutations vary from country to country. Whenever possible, research correct forms of address for greeting and introductions before your guest arrives. When in doubt, ask them or, the "mutually respected third party" how they prefer to be addressed/announced.  Whichever way they prefer, do so with warm and sincere eye contact.


Also, it may not always be their spouse traveling with them... (think: French President Francois Hollande, Mitterand, etc.,) which you may be able to learn in advance. Be careful! When in doubt, do err on the side of formality. Finally, use utmost discretion when invited to address clients and dignitaries informally by their surname, particularly in front of (their) staff and in public arenas. 


Note: in business, women are always "Ms." unless they let you know their preference. Therefore, "Mrs. Anderson" may be married however, in business, you would always address her as "Ms." Anderson, unless she indicates otherwise. Make a note for others to know this preference.    


Remember, "Miss" is reserved for young women under 12.


Reminder: never refer to any woman over 30 as "Ma'am" unless there is a regional application, i.e. the Deep South.  Correct:  "Madame," said with an inflection, and a smile! 


Mademoiselle (Mlle.) and Master are typically reserved for children under 12 years of age. 


*Be aware of proper name pronunciations.  Practice saying names so you are fluid.  Don't rush to get through them, particularly a challenging name.  Use their name frequently when greeting, during conversation and bidding farewell.


How to Stand Apart 
Quote of the Quarter 

"You gain strength, and courage, and confidence by every experience in which you really stop to look fear in the face ... you must do that which you think you cannot do."

-Eleanor Roosevelt 
In Conclusion
Train your mind - every day, to think positively. Positive thoughts also release endorphins (happy hormones!) Believe in yourself. Dismiss past negative thoughts and behaviors; you can't think negative thoughts and lead a positive confident life. Articulate goals and write them down. Use expansive body language. Speak in clear audible vocal tones. Expect people to respond positively; expect the right connections, etc. Choose to be respectful.

Open the oyster, venture out of your shell and into the sea of life. Decide to swim. Decide to win. Be a part of the Sea Change. You can affect change. "Dare to compete." Hillary Clinton.

Time ... life (!) is flying by. Put on a fresh new attitude and re-set your mind. Believe in yourself. Be willing to take a risk ... and fail, but try. In trying, we develop true confidence.

I remain


Respectfully yours,


Judith P. Bowman 

President and CEO  


Judith Bowman Enterprises

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