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This week's CSA share possibilities:
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Dear Katchkie Farm CSA Members,

CSA Truck Team Suzannah and Andrew are taking the week off in this newsletter's farm update so Farmer Bob can let you know what he has planned for the months ahead! Check out his field notes below:

"The summer crops are showing their age. Last week was the last of this season's eggplant, and while we might be able to squeeze a few more tomatoes out of the field, the greenhouses are completely cleaned out. Where tomatoes once stood are arugula, Swiss chard, and braising greens for the winter.
"We have cover cropped about 70% of the fields so far. This year we're using a combination of oats/peas, or rye/vetch. Cover crops help to reduce erosion and cycle nutrients that were left over from this season's fertilization, helping to develop a better soil structure for the next season.

Oats and peas for cover cropping, plus fall colors

"My winter to-do list is growing! I have a few construction projects in mind: lots of equipment maintenance, and I'd like to replace the plastic covers on the greenhouses. Recently I've developed a deep appreciation of electric motors because they simply don't break! We have an electric golf cart that's extremely cool: no gasoline, no oil, no smoke, and it always works. I'm so tired of spark plugs, fuel filters, oil filters, and repairs. This has led to the desire for an electric irrigation pump, which would mean no noise at night. We even have an electric harvest truck that never needs repairing. What's next, electric tractors??
Until next time,
Farmer Bob"