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Dear Katchkie Farm CSA Members,

"Farm-time," as it is affectionately referred to at Katchkie, is the idea that the passage of time is not always best measured in hours or days, but rather through a series of events that mark different stages in the growing season. Times of transition, such as the shift from summer to fall, are felt more intensely on the farm because of the physical manifestations of this change everywhere.
Over the past couple weeks we have seen many of our insect pests recede because of the cooler weather, and the shelves of our produce refrigerator fill to the brim with crates of butternut and Delicata squash. Our vines of cherry tomatoes are now nestled on top of our compost pile destined to be next year's fertilizer, and we have begun to save seeds for next season. Even our pigs seem more grateful to be done with the heat, as evidenced by the fewer mud baths they've been taking recently. All of this is to say that we are sure that autumn is here, but not because our calendars are telling us so. 

Join us for a evening of tastings of locally sourced dishes created by some of the most celebrated Farm-To Table chefs and restaurants from around the city. 

For Just Food CSA Network members, we are offering two special discounts: 
20% off General Admission ticket, which makes the ticket $180 instead of $225! or buy a 10-pack of General Admission tickets for 30% off which brings down the ticket price even further to $157.50 (but note you have to purchase all 10 tickets at once).

To purchase tickets, click  Let Us Eat Local and use discount code 

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