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What MAY be in your share this week:
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Dear Katchkie Farm CSA Members,
Farming, especially the type of small-scale organic polyculture that we practice at Katchkie, requires a particular degree of flexibility and the fortitude to effectively deal with issues as they arise. We like to think that what we do is less paint by numbers and more rolling with the punches. After all, each new season presents its own suite of unique pest and climatic problems that farmer Bob and his team must solve every day.
Take our current crop of Delicata squash as an example. Because of the dry and hot weather this summer we had to constantly irrigate many of our hearty vegetables to ensure they survived until late fall. The moisture from the irrigation combined with the lack of a long spray boom to apply organic fungicides (still on next year's wish list) resulted in some of our squash developing a plant infection called powdery mildew. Luckily, less than half of our crop was affected, but it still took a toll on what we were hoping to offer. We recommend storing the squash in the refrigerator and using it as soon as possible (check out the recipe below for a starting point).