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What MAY be in your share this week:
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Dear Katchkie Farm CSA Members,

There's a funny thing about plants: despite major leisure-related holidays, they just keep on growing. It's almost as if no one told our tomatoes to take last Monday off.
It has been quite the week up at the farm. This weekend we hosted many of Great Performance's chefs for a day of picking, nibbling, and generally sweating it out with farmer Bob and his crew.  It was fascinating to watch the chefs' gears turn as they tasted different vegetables and developed new dishes on the spot.  We also found it inspiring to hear them talk about preservation techniques and the ways they will use Katchkie's produce many months from now when the weather is chilly and the selection of vegetables is decidedly less bountiful. In our minds, that's what farm-to-table cooking is all about: planning ahead in order to rely on the farm when things are leaner, not just when summer squash is coming out of everyone's ears. Have a great week everyone!