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Dear Katchkie Farm CSA Members,
Fermentation and preservation are two processes that almost predate cooking itself. For millennia, individuals have taken what is abundant and stored it away to be enjoyed in leaner months. Although home preservation is no longer a necessity, we still think it's important to maintain these practices not only for tradition's sake but also because preserved foods are pretty darn tasty.
In addition to pickling and storing vegetables in oil--a process that is often referred to as confit--we're fond of making sauces and salsas that will keep in our pantry for months to come. Our tomato jam, for example, is made in large batches when tomatoes are at their peak of ripeness and stored in jars. Check out the links below for easy home preservation recipes.
Come Visit Us at the Greenmarket!
We'll be at the Rockefeller Center Greenmarket every Friday until the end of August from 8 AM - 5 PM! You can stock up on Katchkie Farm produce, artisanal products, sandwiches, beet chips, and tea.

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