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What MAY be in your share this week:
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Dear Katchkie Farm CSA Members,


As the days get longer and our CSA shares fill up with more tomatoes and eggplant than we can shake a head of kale at, it can only mean one thing: summer is in full swing! For us at the farm, the months of July and August are synonymous with larges batches of ratatouille that we make from all of Farmer Bob's wonderful vegetables and eat throughout the week.


The word ratatouille actually comes from the French verb "touiller," meaning to toss, and refers to the practices of farmers in the south of France who would toss any vegetables they had into a large pot in the center of the village to share among the community.


So in reality, ratatouille hasn't come too far from its peasant origins. It still is a great vehicle for using any vegetables you may have on hand during the summer (although, admittedly there isn't a big pot of ratatouille cooking on 42nd and Broadway). 

Come Visit Us at the Greenmarket!


We'll be at the Rockefeller Center Greenmarket every Friday until the end of August from 8 AM - 5 PM! You can stock up on Katchkie Farm produce, artisanal products, sandwiches, beet chips, and tea.


Psst...tell us "Priya sent me" for a 10% discount!

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