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Dear Katchkie Farm CSA Members,


Although we tend to focus on what happens at Katchkie Farm during the spring and summer when everything is beautiful and beginning to grow, there's much more to farming that occurs behind the scenes that is almost as challenging as the farm work itself. One of the main issues that organic growers face is how to maintain healthy soil without the land becoming dependent on inputs of synthetic fertilizer. So, each winter our farmer, Bob and countless others like him brew a large pot of coffee and figure out their crop rotation for the coming year.


By categorizing each vegetable by their botanical family, farmers are able to rotate crops through a plot of land in order to extract fertility from and reduce pests from each vegetable. For example a four year crop rotation at Katchkie Farm might look like the following:


Alliums (Onions) ---> Legumes (Beans) --->  Tomatoes ---> Cover Crop


In the second year of the rotation legumes add important nitrogen to soil to compensate for the nutrients lost by the onion harvest, while the cover crop in the forth year returns vital organic matter to the top soil. Crop rotation is one of the cornerstones of organic farming because it allows the farmer to maintain fertility with out the additions of chemicals.

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