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What MAY be in your share this week:
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Dear Katchkie Farm CSA Members,


Even for the most avid home cook, the process of finding new recipes and generally keeping up with the week's CSA share can be a daunting task. In our office, we've come to affectionately know this phenomena as the "treadmill effect" because of how difficult it can be to utilize all of the farm's bounty before the next week arrives and your refrigerator is again flooded with vegetables. To that end, rather than relying on specific recipes, we find it helpful to instead think of broader techniques in which individual ingredients can be substituted to account for the ever rotation of incoming vegetables.


Our recipe below for an all-purpose pickle is an example of one of these techniques. The versatile pickling liquid can be altered and adjusted as the cook sees fit, and allows for vegetables like radishes and summer squash to be eaten at the height of freshness all summer long.


We would love to hear how you out-run the seasonal treadmill! Please:

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Field Notes from Farmer Bob and Kristy:

"Our first week of CSA harvesting and packing went smoothly. We could have had some challenges since we have four new crew members this year, but we were issue-free. Even with our ever challenging language differences we had our packing line up, working, and completed both days within the same time frame that last year's crew took a couple of weeks to work into. In fact, Bob ended the week realizing with pleasure just how incredibly strong and efficient his new crew is. In one day they completed what used to take several days of pounding in 750 stakes for the field tomatoes. They spent another day trellising those tomatoes, wrapping line around all the plants and the stakes to provide support as they grow. The field is impressive, and we anticipate a gorgeous and flavorful crop this year. The greenhouse cherry tomatoes are growing fast and we are starting to see the first ripe ones of the season!

Tomatoes en route!


"What a difference one week can make. When we wrote our last message we were having an irrigation marathon and this week we haven't had to run the pump once. Every other day we seem to be getting downpours. Evening lightning shows are mixed with the lightning bugs making for some magical nightscapes. Our newest crew member commented today that working in the cool, cloudy, off and on rainy conditions of the day was rather pleasant.


Pattypan squash blossoms


"Monday night's dinner was a stew made with plenty of turnips, turnip greens, ham, black eyed peas, roasted poblano (the last of the frozen ones we had from last season), and some spicy relish from Wickles, all simmered in a chicken stock. Nice warm way to end a wet day."

Cabbage and kale

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Seasonal Recipes 


All Purpose Pickle
Katchkie Farm Braised Greens
Poblano and Katchkie Farm Basil Vinaigrette
Horchata-Inspired Green Smoothie