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Dear Katchkie Farm CSA Members,   

We talk a lot about leafy greens, but what of that other kind of green? In this installment of the Katchkie Farm newsletter we're talking CSA financials!

The Community Supported Agriculture model is as much a function of money as it is creating a better food system. CSAs generate capital for farmers early in the season, which helps with the farm's cash flow. CSAs provide security and peace of mind for farmers. In return for monetary support from members, farms provide shares of the farm's harvest. It's a wonderful return on investment, if you ask us!

If CSAs help farmers, do they also help consumers? We thought it might be interesting to take a look at the price of the typical vegetables in a share in the height of the season compared to the same veggies from other similar delivery models. Check out our calculations below based what comes in an average share in the beginning of August and average prices of produce from other popular organic vegetable delivery services in the city.

Katchkie Farm Vegetable Share
Katchkie Farm Quantity
Average Delivery Service Price
1 large head
1 head
Cherry tomatoes
1 pint
1 bunch
3 ears

Total Amount Delivery Service

Total Amount per Katchkie Farm Share

A Katchkie Farm CSA membership not only saves you money each week, but you have access to a whole host of benefits including:

- A weekly newsletter with farm updates, sustainable agriculture tidbits, fun links, and delicious recipes
- Our handy resources page to address any storage or preparation concerns
- Personalized help from your CSA Coordinator Suzannah
- Convenient vegetable pickup at work or in your neighborhood
- Two helpful and snazzy tote bags
- An end of season party catered by Great Performances, one of the premier caterers in New York City

What's more, being a part of a CSA means that you're part of a community. Community Supported Agriculture taps you into a wonderful network of thoughtful cooks and eaters right in your city.

If you haven't claimed your share yet, it's not too late! We still have a handful of shares left. Click here to sign up, and please reach out to Suzannah at with any questions.

Field Notes from Farmer Bob and Kristy:

Full greenhouse tables

"Spinach is out of the greenhouses, and tomatoes are now in! The fields are being hooked up with irrigation lines with water pumped in from the pond. We're laying black plastic mulch out to ensure smooth beds, and we're continuing to transplant seedlings daily. Remay using Bob's previously mentioned ingenious remay roller has really helped with getting everything done that just seems like it can't all get done in a day."


Black plastic mulch to keep weeds away and conserve water


"Seeding, seeding, seeding, don't forget the seeding. Everything is bursting to life, tables are full, carts are full, sun is shining, temperatures are rising. Trees are budding; green, green everywhere green. On these fast-paced, jam-packed days we look forward to sunset on the porch!" 

Tomatoes in the greenhouse

Drip irrigation system setup

Farm Field Trip Alert!

Join The Sylvia Center and Chef Bob Turner, Executive Chef of the Omega Institute, to celebrate the coming of spring.  Families will work together to plant in the Children's Learning Garden and harvest early spring veggies to prepare a delicious farm-fresh seasonal lunch together.  All ages are welcome. Event will take place rain or shine.


To attend the event, please register here.

$5 suggested donation per person; $10 suggested donation per family.  


If you have any questions about Spring Planting Day, contact Jenn So at or (212) 337-6075. 


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Gorgeous wee seedlings!

As always, if there are any questions, comments, or concerns please contact

Seasonal Recipes 


Aromatic Asparagus Soup


Spring Vegetable Pot Pie


Potato Chip Radishes


Citrus Beet Green Smoothie


If you have any recipe tips or suggestions, please send an e-mail to