Beds of Micro-Greens
Dear Katchkie Farm CSA Members,  

You may be wondering what's up on the farm this time of year, considering the natural world resembles a frozen tundra. Our fields may be fallow, but Katchkie Farm employs the centuries-old methodology of greenhouses to extend our growing season. Farmer Bob keeps his greenhouses nice and toasty by heating them with the high heat value discarded cooking oil from the Great Performances catering kitchen, allowing the growth of luscious leafy greens despite the frigid outdoor temperature. The greenhouses use solar and thermal mass heat storage to keep our carbon footprint low while keeping our production capacity high. We integrate our nature-cheating produce into our catering kitchen and out to our venues, bringing sustainably-grown, organic produce all over New York City.

Winter Spinach in Our Hot Houses
If you'd like to learn more about this neat technology, Treehugger has some very cool information and videos. Did you know Sweden has an 18-story greenhouse in the works? For something a bit more local, check out Roberta's tenaciously feisty rooftop greenhouse in Brooklyn.

And now for something a bit less educational with a throwback to the summer! Some of you sent us some fantastic food art we thought we'd share.

Last but not least Amy is in India! She is busy studying agriculture, sustainable waste management, and childhood nutrition! In that theme, we thought some recipes on spicy and comforting Indian food would be incredibly relevant (and in season!).  Please excuse any delays in her response.
XO - Katchkie Farm

Katchkie Farm Greenhouses

Seasonal Recipes 

Spicy Red Lentil Dahl 


Madhur Jaffrey's Masala Dosa 



Nutty Parsnip Fries  


Mashed Turnips with Scallion-Miso Butter 


If you have any recipe tips or suggestions, please send an e-mail to 

Week of January 11th
Volume 7: Issue 1
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