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MAY  2013 

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"Color Me Correctly, Please" is the book the fashion industry doesn't want you to read. Sandy Dumont's revolutionary ideas about color and color psychology will turn the fashion and image world upside down. 
It is now available in electronic-format to readers of this Ezine only by clicking on the cover to your left. It will be available to the public on Sandy's website, on Amazon in Kindle-format and on Barnes & Noble in Nook-format later... 
This book will make everything else in print on the subject obsolete. 
P.S.  Join me in Phoenix or Dallas in May and get your autographed paper copy there. See below.
Redheads Have Warm Hair But Cool Skin 


Which face pops?
The fashion and makeup industry have doomed redheads to a life of garish and harsh orange makeup and garments. Check the Red Carpet or the pages of fashion magazines, and redheads will be clad in peach, coral, salmon and orange. And that's in spite of the

the fact that redheads have more visible pink in their skin without makeup than anyone!   


I have makeup covers to my credit and have been on many photo shoot sets and witnessed makeup artists immediate grabbing orange-toned makeup the minute they see a redhead. That's what the makeup artist did with the woman above, left. She's wearing a warm salmon pink blouse, so she could have warranted a warm salmon pink blusher. But no, there she is in makeup that matches her hair! In person, you'd notice that her makeup looks heavy. You may already have noticed that her face and hair blend too much, unlike the woman on the right, so her face doesn't pop.   


A makeup artist with a good eye matched the model's skin, not her hair, in the photo on the right. Her face pops, and in person her skin looks translucent and glowing. For the rest of the lowdown about color, makeup and fashion, get your copy of my new eBook, "Color Me Correctly, Please." You may be astounded to discover that you could do with a change of color yourself.  


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Where to see Sandy Dumont, The Image Architect
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May 16, 20 - Sandy in Phoenix/Glendale, Arizona and available for workshops. Call her for info at 757.627.6669. 
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June 1 & 2 -  Sandy in Dallas, Texas for Stiletto Camp. Weekend boot camp for four women. Contact her if you are interested. 
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Make sure to check Sandy's Homepage and Test Your iQ. You can also take a look in the quiz archive and see how much you have learned about Image. 

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