April 21, 2016
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"Prayers are for Body, Mind, and Spirit:"  Healing Ministry at Christ Church, Reading
When three psychologists who also happened to be parishioners at Christ Church, Reading, got together seven years ago to pray for their patients, they had no idea it would eventually lead to a popular healing ministry that has become a central part of their parish's identity.

"I believe in the 'divine spark' in each of us," says Dr. Margaret Pendergast, who was one of the three parishioners present at that first meeting. "Prayers are for body, mind, and spirit, and our healing prayer ministry offers compassion and kindness to others." The group of three soon realized that the need for Christian healing and prayer existed outside the boundaries of their professional lives, and that it could be incorporated into the parish's life and its outreach to the community. 
 Regional Pilgrimage Gatherings in April and May

An Invitation to Easter Season Regional Pilgrimage Meetings from Rebecca McLaughlin:
An Invitation from Rebecca McLaughlin
In April and May, pilgrimage leaders will meet in regional gatherings for conversations that will help shape a set of common values for the Diocese of Bethlehem. 

Adaptive Leadership Training on April 30
On April 30 from 9:30 am-4 pm at the Cathedral Church of the Nativity, 2015 diocesan convention keynote speaker Hugh O'Doherty will lead a day-long training to further the Diocese of Bethlehem's work in adaptive leadership.

"We will work together to imagine new ways of exercising leadership for the health and mission of Christ's Church in the Diocese of Bethlehem," Rowe says.

Register online now for the training. Bishop Sean expects clergy to attend along with key elected lay leaders from each congregation, including those who exercise leadership but may not serve on the vestry. Congregations are encouraged to register as a team, and individuals are also invited to register. 

Email Canon Anne Kitch with questions.

About Hugh O'Doherty
O'Doherty, who was the keynote speaker at the diocese's 2015 convention, is a native of Northern Ireland, a much-sought after conflict resolution consultant and an adjunct lecturer in public policy at Harvard University's Kennedy School of Government.

"If you look at the Episcopal Church, what we have in our repertoire has got us to this point, but it is no longer adequate for the times we are in," said O'Doherty in an interview last fall. Instead, he says, adaptive challenges like the ones faced by the church today have to be solved using different models of leadership. "Ownership shifts so that everyone must own the problem," he says. "You have to gather all of the stakeholders and figure out what is really the work we face, what is the challenge we face going forward."
 Regional Confirmation in May
This spring, Bishop Sean will hold a regional confirmation on Sunday, May 1 at 5 pm at St. Stephen's Episcopal Church in WhitehallIf your parish would like to participate in this service, please email the Rev. Jonathan Mayo to tell him the names of your participants and the number of people you are expecting.
Episcopal Church Women Annual Meeting May 11
The Episcopal Church Women of the Diocese of Bethlehem will join in the pilgrimage at the Annual Meeting taking place May 11 at Kirby HouseThis year's program from the Rev. Canon Charles A Cesaretti is titled "I am a Pilgrim," and will include scripture reflection, group discussion, and worship. 

Nonviolence Training in Stroudsburg 
From May 20-22, the Peace and Social Justice Network of the Diocese of Bethlehem and Christ Church Stroudsburg will host nonviolence training for older teens and adults The program is open to members of the diocesan community as well as others from the public. The cost is $65, and scholarships are available. Register by May 16 by emailing Barb Gessner or calling her at 570-460-9335.
2017 Budget Process Begins
Applications for funding from the 2017 Diocesan Mission and Ministry Budget are now available on the website. Applications are due to Archdeacon Rick Cluett by April 30.

In a memo about the process, Treasurer Charlie Barebo and Cluett write, "As financial pressures increase in everyone's budgeting process, the requirement of enhanced stewardship of funds becomes more critical for us all. To this end, there has been renewed emphasis on the accountability of Diocesan Council to be certain that funds are spent wisely and responsibly."

The application and budget form, which must be used in all applications, are available on the website.
"The Program Committee of Diocesan Council will make recommendations on all budget requests, and the Finance Committee will review all applications in June so that a final budget for the October Diocesan Convention can be prepared for presentation to Council for approval and submission to the October Convention," Charlie Barebo and Rick Cluett write. Please contact Charlie Barebo or Rick Cluett with any questions.

Scholarship Opportunities
Deadlines for three scholarships are approaching:
Leonard Hall Scholarships for youth of the diocese pursuing undergraduate studies. Deadline May 15.
Gressle Scholarships for sons of clergy canonically resident in the diocese who are pursuing undergraduate college degrees. Deadline May 15.
Shannon Fund scholarships for daughters of Episcopal clergy in Pennsylvania pursuing undergraduate study. Deadline April 30.

Pilgrimage Resources for Congregations
The Diocese of Bethlehem's pilgrimage began on January 6. In his video pilgrimage message, Bishop Sean says, "The Diocese of Bethlehem has been bold in conceiving its future ... This planning process is deeply rooted in both what is personal to us, and what is good for our entire diocese and our entire region."

Staying Connected to the Pilgrimage
The pilgrimage page on the website is updated regularly--you can find it under "Congregational Resources" on the menu--and our newsletters will feature pilgrimage information and news each month. 

Anyone can sign up to receive our monthly email newsletter and/or our monthly Leadership News, and back issues are available on the website. Please share these links with members of your congregation, encourage them to visit the website and sign up for the newsletter list, and share pilgrimage news and articles in your congregation's newsletter and bulletin.

The Bethlehem Episcopalians Facebook group will also be home to ongoing pilgrimage discussion. Find the group on Facebook and request membership to join the conversation.
Summer Learning Opportunities
Pittsburgh Theological Center Being Church Conference: Taking place June 5-11 at Pittsburgh Theological Seminary

e-Formation Conference: Taking place June 6-8 at Virginia Theological Seminary in Alexandria, Virginia

Christian Formation Conference: Taking place June 13-17 at Kanuga Conference Center

SUMMA Camp: Student Theological Debate Society's summer camp will take place July 18-26 at University of the South, Sewanee, TN

Network of Biblical Storytellers Int'l (NBS) Festival Gathering: Taking place August 3-6 at the National 4-H Center near Washington, DC
News of the Diocese

The Rev. Pervez Baig, priest associate at St. Gabriel's in Douglassville, received his United States citizenship earlier this month.
The Diocese of Bethlehem newSpin Blog
newSpin is Bill Lewellis' eclectic sampling of religion news from around the Episcopal Church and beyond. Read the April 14 issue.
Upcoming Diocesan Events
Save the Dates
Clergy Day Tuesday, June 7, 9:30 am-3 pm, Cathedral Church of the Nativity
Youth Mission Trip:  June 26-July 2, Grace Mountain, VA--Registration now open!

 Visit the website calendar for a full list of upcoming events in the Diocese of Bethlehem.
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