Precision Short-run Stamping & Prototyping...
from Concept to Production 

Spring is here and, as usual, things are humming at full speed here at our Orange, California manufacturing facility.  


Some exciting things have been happening. Check out our new web video.



Give it a click and let us introduce ourselves and give a little inside look at our organization, our history, expertise and our expanding services. 


We're proud of our reputation as the experts in precision and complex parts stamping and of our long association with the most demanding high-tech companies in the business.


We've also been hard at work re-tooling our website to make it faster to navigate and more appealing to visit. After watching our video, dig deeper into the intuitive web content and discover our nearly limitless precision manufacturing services and how they can efficiently and accurately fulfill your project's requirements.


Our new website makes it easier to access all technical and
contact information. 


New alliances, new services, and now a new website. We think you will like what you see.


Check Out Our New Website

Our recent alliance with American Wire EDM has expanded our already comprehensive list of precision services. Together, we are unmatched in capability, speed, efficiency and cost-effectiveness. 

Now, under one roof, Prototype & Short-Run Services and American Wire EDM have become an unbeatable industry resource for:
  • Ultra Precision Metal Stamping Prototypes
  • Qualification and Pre-Production Parts
  • Precision Short and Long Run Parts
  • All Industries Served
  • One-of-a-kind parts in any metal to the tightest tolerances
  • Laser Parts Marking


And now we can add Wire EDM Machining and EDM Hole Drilling to the list.


As always, we can provide design assistance and are equipped for 24-hour production schedules. Call our helpful staff at 800-893-3478 with any questions regarding your precision component requirements.


Now, more than ever, we're equipped for any sized project, from a few pieces to tens of thousands.

Together, we will turn the impossible into innovation!


Your Team at Prototype and Short-Run, Inc and American Wire EDM 



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