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As Clackamas Community College approaches its 50th Anniversary in 2016, we want to celebrate the people and events that connect CCC and our community. Please share this email with others who may be interested in CCC and the Foundation. 


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Dr. Karl and Diane Wustrack Celebration
Scholarships target displaced workers
Video promotes scholarships
Estate Planning Tools
Connect with Social Media
Student Testimonial
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Three groups gather to bid farewell to Dr. Karl and Diane Wustrack
Karl and Diane share a laugh about Diane's enthusiasm for donations during the Phone-a-thon for Clackamas Community College.

On December 18, 2013, three local groups celebrated the contributions made by Dr. Karl and Diane Wustrack. Karl and Diane made an indelible mark on Clackamas Community College, Providence Willamette Falls Hospital, and Clackamas Volunteers in Medicine.


CCC President Joanne Truesdell and Foundation Executive Director Greg Fitzgerald expressed their gratitude for Diane's hard work and fund raising efforts on behalf of the college.


Russ Reinhard, CEO of Providence Willamette Falls Hospital, presented a check for $191,122.70 to Clackamas Volunteers in Medicine, a local non-profit that operates the Founders Clinic in Oregon City. Diane was a founding member of the non-profit and the hospital was the original fiscal agent for the group. Since Clackamas Volunteers in Medicine in now independent, the hospital released the last of the endowment funds on this day in recognition of the Wustrack's efforts at providing access to health care for all residents of Clackamas County.


The Wustracks will be deeply missed in our community when they move to California in June of 2014.


Click here to view more photos from the reception/celebration. 

Scholarships target displaced workers

For the fifth consecutive year, CCC has received a generous gift from the Oregon Community Foundation Joseph E. Weston Public Foundation donor advised fund.


This annual gift was established in 2008 at the onset of the economic downturn resulting in massive lay-offs.  The funds are "to be used for tuition scholarships for students in need age 26 or older, who have lost their jobs due to changes in technology that require retraining."


"These scholarships provide specific, targeted assistance to an extremely vulnerable population," according to Greg Fitzgerald, Director of the Foundation.

Oregon Community Foundation:  Donor Advised Funds

A donor-advised fund allows you to recommend specific nonprofits you would like to benefit. This is an efficient and cost-effective way to donate without the hassles and expense of a private foundation. In 2011, OCF donor advised funds granted more than $31 million to nonprofit organizations across Oregon.


Through a donor-advised fund, you'll have the opportunity to name your own charitable fund, identify organizations you'd like to support, and connect and collaborate with other donors. Donor-advised funds are also a great way to engage your family in philanthropy and in your community.

YouTube video promotes scholarships at CCC

Apply for College Scholarships Now
Apply for College Scholarships Now
Changing Lives. Changing Communities.



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Greg Fitzgerald, Executive Director
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Estate Planning Tools


Death.  It's inevitable.


However, when someone has taken the time to prepare for the myriad of decisions a family will be left to make, many burdens can be avoided.


The CCC Foundation is glad to share some important planning tools that will help you consider things you had not thought of, pull together information that will assist your family, and empower you to make decisions you may not have considered.

*Click on any of the following to download your free copy of these planning tools:



*These planning tools are provided to you for your assistance.  As always, we recommend any final plans be reviewed by your attorney and/or financial planner. 


If you are considering leaving Clackamas Community College in your estate plan, we have professionals who can assist you.  Please contact Vicki Smith at 503-594-3128 or to schedule an appointment. 

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Social Media
The Foundation is working to connect with you via social media.

Student Testimonial
Erin Eastberg

 "I didn't know that CCC scholarships were available for someone like me - someone who had taken a 35-year break from school. I took a chance and applied. I'm glad I did! With the scholarship, I now have a chance for a better education and a better job as a social worker."



human services and gerontology


Scholarship received: Oscar Larsen Rotary Pioneer Scholarship


Goal: work as a social worker and advocate for the elderly


Did you know...
Diane Wustrack with phonathon students.

From 2003-2011, Diane Wustrack helped organize the phonathon fundraising events. Students contacted hundreds of potential donors during the multi-evening event.