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 26  May 2016   

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"A Way Forward"
Some of you are asking about some form of summary, or letter from GC or AC about the human sexuality resolution and other items. Here are 3 links I recommend: 
Council of Bishop's letter to UMC: 
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For statement of Council of Bishops:
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For a balanced, harmony-driven reflection by Adam Hamilton: 


3 rich reflections we can get from the message of the Triune God.

The Triune God, speaks of one divine essence in three self-distinctions.
And though distinct in manifestations, they are perfect in divine communion.
The fellowship that is infinitely faultless, speaks of diversity in eternal tri-unity.
And this diversity is manifested throughout creation.  
            Reflected in the interconnection our lives, values, human longing. 
Like an invisible spiritual thread,
            the harmony of God interweaves all nature, and all ways of life.
I believe that you and I, and the rest of human community,
            we are only able to create bridges and connections,
            between differences, uniqueness, and barriers,  
            because of the harmony that emanates from the Triune God.
These three eternal essences, can be seen as a passionate invitation to us,
            as a human community, or as a nation, or as a church,
            to rediscover the healing power harmony of God.
That though Trinity is central to our faith; revealed in scriptures;
            and refined in history and Christian scholarship;
            a huge part of it remains in the realm of mystery.
John Wesley said, 
"Bring me a worm that can comprehend a man,
          and then I will show you a man that can comprehend the triune God.
Because of still many uncertainties,
            opponents of this belief argue that Trinity doesn't make any sense.
Maybe. And maybe much more:
            that God, and the whole actuality of life itself is mysterious. 
Trinity carries a message of mystery.
It offends the arrogant; and disturbs even the believers
            It reminds us that we are finite:
            that we cannot comprehend completely.
The mystery of the Trinity reminds us of life's other mysteries:
            The afterlife beyond the grasp of any science labs,
            The expanding cosmos that we cannot quantify,
            Or why a prognosis did not change after much prayer? 
            Or where is God in sufferings, tragedies and calamities?
The mystery of trinity reminds us of times
            that instead of squeezing our brain to coming up with exact answers,
            We yield to queries we cannot solve.
            We yield, because we choose peace instead of resentment;
            or contentment instead of anguish; or hope instead of worries.
To yield, because in spite of a Trinity we cannot explain,
            this is the same Trinity that we can be in awe and wonder!
The Divine expressed in 3 blessed manifestations:
First as our Maker,
            The Creator who is revealed as the Great Inventor of life.
Then as the Son of God, our Savior, Redeemer,
And then there is God manifested as the gentle, Holy Spirit
The Father in heaven; the Son who came to earth;
            and the Spirit who dwells within our hearts.
God in 3 Persons-responding to our physical, emotional, and spiritual needs
            - our spirit, soul, and body!
That is the good news of sufficiency in God.
            And this is the message of Trinity Sunday. Amen. 

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