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28 January  2016   

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"Give Up Something Bad For Lent." 
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I will be willing to offer a "come-and-go" imposition of ASHES during the day, and a short service in the evening (more details on Sunday) 

Sometimes we see brokenness is sign of weakness.
We exorcise it, deny it, and secretly avoid those who have it.
We want to show the appearance of strength and the sense of control. And then there are times that we harden our hearts, raise our voices, and assert that we are tough.
We hide our tears behind the mask of audacity.
Or we silence our sympathy to maintain a good composure.  
But brokenness can be a path to wholeness.
For it is in realizing our weakness that God's strength is made perfect.
It is in our willingness to feel compassion that we make extraordinary good deeds.
And it is in life's cracks, edges, and damages that we encounter God's healing, restoring, amazing Grace- a gift incomparable to a thousand posture of flawlessness.
Are you right now treading a broken road?
Here is what I know: after a season of brokenness, there is always a horizon nearby.
A season of renewal
A place of healing
A shelter from a fatal storm
I know a man of long ago who for many days was struck with despair and contrition.
With nothing left but grief and depression, he gave his heart to God as a burnt offering.
God then took his broken gift, embraced, and restored it. For you and me, God can do the same today.
And yes, that man was David and he was the first to sing the "broken hallelujah chorus," in a broken voice and broken chords.
And maybe in singing with David, we, his fellow travelers will learn to move on after a broken song, and experience wholeness as we journey along life's battered roads.
"The sacrifices you desire is a broken spirit. You, O God, will not reject and broken and repentant heart" (Psalm 51:17).

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