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21 October 2015  

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Mark 10:46-52 
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God's kingdom is like a treasure hidden in a field for years and accidentally found by a trespasser. The finder is ecstatic-what a find!-and proceeds to sell everything he owns to raise money and buy that field
(Matt 13: 44, MSG)
A rock hound named Rob Cutshaw hunts for rocks, and then sells them to collectors. While digging about twenty years ago, he found a very fascinating rock but he failed to sell the specimen for $500. For many years he placed the rock hidden in his closet. The blue rock that Rob had abandoned in the dark closet was the most valuable sapphire ever found. Now known as the "The Star of David," that rock could easily sell for $3 million.
Like this story, the parable of the treasure is a magical tale that entails marvel, elation, and renewed hope. I mean you don't discover hidden treasures everyday.  But are kingdom treasures really meant to be hidden?--a stunning sunset; a new born baby; the unconditional embrace of a church family.
Or these perhaps are so ordinary, so let's make the list more reflective of the story: a missionary who choose execution than deny his Savior; a factory owner who value integrity more than profit; a father who prioritized his family over a once in a lifetime business deal; a teenager who after finding the joy of knowing God turned her back on drugs.
So this story explains why some people denied the world after finding God. They are not crazy as sometimes others think they are. They just unearthed something bigger than the treasure dungeons of Indiana Jones.
It's eternal. It's unconditional. It's priceless.
But if we cannot see treasures where we are, maybe we need to produce them ourselves particularly in places of spiritual poverty. That's right, we don't curse our community if they are in a spiritual shortage. Rather, we let them find God's treasures welling up from us, manifesting in our smile, forgiveness, patience, gentleness, and gifts of love.
Or maybe there are sapphires in your closet which you have not yet been grateful about. Or maybe you have not yet discovered the priceless treasure in having a real relationship with God. After all, we really cannot share spiritual treasures if we ourselves have not yet realized its eternal value.
Journey with me as we experience spiritual-treasure-hunting this week.

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