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Spring 2016

Our mission: Sequoia Adult School Scholars provides financial support, tutoring, and assistance to Sequoia District Adult School ESL and GED students--the vast majority of whom have minimum wage jobs--so they can enroll in community college to continue their education, expand their career options, and serve as role models for their children.
Susan Higley Russell elected SASS board president 
We are pleased to announce that Susan Higley Russell has been elected  SASS board president. Susan joined the SASS board in 2012 and has been a SASS tutor since 2014.
Susan Russell (left) with her tutee.
Before retiring in 2006, Susan was the director of the Survey Research Program at SRI International. Susan has been responsible for developing SASS's online scholarship application process and is leading SASS's program evaluation efforts. In addition, she is responsible for SASS's Clipper Card program and hence is frequently referred to as the Clipper Card Lady.
Susan and SASS recipient Lorenza Villanueva recently appeared on Pen Voice, a production of Peninsula TV that highlights community organization in San Mateo County. You can check out the show  here.  
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SASS awarded community grants 
SASS is the proud recipient of grants from the
Palo Alto Community Fund and Philanthropic Ventures Foundation. Funds from both grants will be use to provide SASS recipients with books and transportation to college and to support tutor coordination.
SASS recipients need laptops!  
If you have a laptop that is three years old or newer, please consider donating it to a deserving SASS recipient. Email us and we can arrange for pickup.  
Four SASS recipients awarded Associate degrees--all with honors!  

Four SASS recipients or former SASS recipients have been awarded Associate degrees from Caņada College. Each of these students graduated magna cum laude or cum laude. In addition, six recipients earned certificates. Each of the graduates started out taking ESL classes at Sequoia Adult School and several have been supported by SASS for more than three years.
The following recipients received Associate degrees:
  • Rick Jeffrey Alarcon Sisniegas graduated with degrees in economics, mathematics, and business administration and plans to attend UC Davis in the fall.
    Rick Jeffrey Alarcon Sisniegas
  • Laura I. Carranza graduated with an Early Childhood Education/Child Development degree. Her goal is to be an elementary school teacher.
    Laura I. Carranza (right) with SASS graduate Maria del Socorro Anaya Rodriguez (left), recipient of a certificate in Administrative Support Assisting and Jenny Castillo, Caņada College ESL professor.

  • Amado Flores graduated with a degree in engineering and will study civil engineering at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo in the fall.
  • Katherine Ramirez, who received a degree in economics, plans to continue taking classes at Caņada College for one more year before transferring to a four-year university. 
 In addition, Brenda Lucia Canchola, Rosa Mendosa, Maria F. Rosas-Cisneros and Erika Velazquez received Preparation for Academic Scholarship and Success (PASS) certificates, signifying that they have completed all prerequisites required to take transfer-level college classes; Benito Kaki received a certificate in Early Childhood Education/Child Development and Maria del Socorro Anaya Rodriguez received a certificate in Administrative Support Assisting. 
Meet SASS graduates at  
Sampling for Success 2016 
SASS graduates are inspiring individuals!  You'll have the opportunity to chat with several of them, and also meet our speaker, immigration trailblazer Sergio Garcia, at Sampling for Success 2016. If you haven't done so already, please RSVP at Brown Paper Tickets or email us at

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