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Wow, what a great turnout at the East TN Women's Leadership Summit  The theme this year was "Closing the Gap" on wages, leadership and confidence.  ETWLS logo We had over 200 women attend this year.  I am one of the seven volunteers and  the Finance Chair for the council that puts this on every year. Thanks to Carolyn Jones, Robin Crawford, Karen Wahner, Karen Howell, Angeline Anderson and Carol Montgomery for helping me out on my responsibilities that day.  Couldn't have done it without you!!
One of my thoughts about "closing the gap" in our everyday life is to close the gap on communication.  MONEY is an EMOTIONAL AND IMPORTANT subject that many of us have trouble talking about.  I have noticed when the words emotional and important are used to describe the same subject, people shy away from that subject.  How do YOU communicate about MONEY?  Depending on how you view money (which is an important piece that you should be conscious of), money is what drives the economy and pays for houses, cars and college, puts food on the table and clothes on our back.  We need to communicate with our business partners, spouses, children and parents about this important and emotional subject. See some of my tips below on how to close your gap on your communication about money.
Where Does All Our Money Go?
money down drain
If you do not know where it goes, this can put a strain on any relationship.  Having regular conversations with business partners, spouses, parents and kids can alleviate defensiveness, guilt, anger, stress and any other emotion we have around money.  Closing the communication gap we have about money can start with a few steps.  Here are some tips:
  • The ideal time - set a designated time aside that you can talk calmly.  Don't wait until feel like yelling "Do I have to do everything??"
  • Possibly start the conversation with "I will be able to sleep better at night if I could stop worrying about...." 
  • Complete a list of every decision that is made or task performed involving money (for example paying bills, shopping, investments, insurance)
  • Have all account statements - the good, the bad, the ugly - do not keep secrets
  • Talk about the NEEDS vs the WANTS - this is great to do with kids
  • Set up a family spending plan based on priorities.  

These are just a few ways to get started.  When I work with my clients:

  • We work as a team to address the question of where does all the money go
  • I help interpret all the financial geek speak so that we can close the communication gap
  • I act as a third party, providing an objective opinion 
  • I do an in depth PERSONALIZED assessment so that you feel knowledgeable, confident and have peace of mind knowing that you are making educated, conscious decisions about YOUR MONEY.

All of these steps help "Close the Gap" on money communication.

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