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I have a confession to make.  You haven't heard from me in a couple months because my passion is to make taking control of your finances FUN.  There was so much dismal news with the fiscal cliff, raising the deficit, taxes, Congress not playing together (although that is not new) and all the horrible shootings/bombings, I thought "what could I possibly write that could counteract all of that?"  Well, here is the good news - YOU affect YOU.  I needed to heed my own advice.  YOU affect how you feel and act about your money. 
Deb Schmitz, Your Money Mechanic
Women's Money Makeover

Perfect Storm
Taxes are done - at least for most of us!  You feel good, you got all your stuff together to get the taxes done and you have vowed NEVER to get behind on that again.  You want to take control and get organized NOW so that you don't go through that frantic gathering again next year.  But, alas, life gets in the way and the following year you are frantically getting all of your paperwork together.  Does this sound familiar?  NOW is the perfect time to get a money coach and advocate.  When I work with people, I not only use all of that stuff you got together for taxes, but we go much deeper.  I help you discover the ins and outs (pun intended) of your money. Do you relate to the following comments?
  • Why did I end up owing taxes OR I just let the IRS have my money all year - I sure could have used it. - Change deductions on your W-4 
  • I have no clue what my retirement statement means.  I just look to see if I lost money or made money. Look for hidden charges and make sure you are comfortable with what your investment is invested in  
  • It seems like I can't save a dime. Keep track of your spending for one month see where you might be spending where you didn't realize
  • These credit card companies are driving me crazy with all of their fees Call and ask to have fees lowered; understand what affects your credit score
  • I am not sure I have the right type of insurance ( life, health, car, house) and don't want to be "sold to" to find out. Read your policy
  • I've heard the term Roth IRA, but I am not sure what it means and if I should have one. Having a Roth IRA is a good idea
  • I know I need a will and those other documents, but I don't understand all the jargon and I don't have enough money to pay an attorney.  There are many resources 

I've put short answers in GREEN.  I could go on, but these are the most common topics I get questions about.  I help clients tackle all of these unanswered questions to help them feel safe, secure and smart about their money.

So if YOU want to make a change this year and not repeat the frantic gathering for taxes, give me a call or send me an email.  I'll be glad to help you!



Thank You
Although I haven't been writing, I have been busy and wanted to shout out to all the people who have been so generous. 
  • Ann Trivette, DDS and her staff hosted one of the best Money Showers ever.  Ann made homemade chocolate biscuits with strawberries!  You can tell this group really cares about what they do. 
  • I was interviewed on The Richard Barbee Show on WNOX 100.3 FM in Knoxville.  RIch is with Slate, Disharoon, Parrish & Associates and we always have good discussions. 
  •  I had a booth at Jewelry Television employee health fair sharing information on how to have healthy finances.
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