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Listening vs Hearing
We hear, but many of us don't listen too well.  I have been told over the years what a good listener I am.  My nick name has been "Mother Debbie" because people tend to tell me their problems and I listen.  elf I even scored very high in a corporate workshop on listening.  This skill has apparently followed me to this stage of my life, as when I ask my clients what they like about working with me, one of the first things they say is that I listen to what they are saying!  Another thing my clients are telling me is that I don't charge enough for what I do.  They say I have taken a huge weight off their shoulders and they have peace of mind about their finances that they had never experienced before.  So I am listening and my price will be going up the first of the year.  If you get in touch with me before the end of the year, I will freeze my current prices.  Just like this elf with the big ears, my ears are here for you (although physically my ears are kind of small).
I listen to you - let me give you peace of mind. 
Deb Schmitz

"The Money Mechanic"

Makeover Moments 

Do You Hear What I Hear?

  Are you tired about hearing about the "fiscal cliff"?  I am.  Regardless of what Congress does, what I think people are hearing is that we need to take care of ourselves - no one else is going to do it for us.  I am seeing this in my business.  People are "waking up to smell the coffee"  
They are taking action to get their own finances in order and protecting what is important to them.  YOU have the power to do this.  And I can help. 

When I work with people I g
ive them a list of all types of documents to get together for me.  I hear lots of excuses at first, but I am gently persistent and help you through the process.  I have been told that this exercise in and of itself is educational.  This is where the "aha's" start to happen and clients become conscious and educated.  If you are married, I help get your husband on board.  The end  result is PEACE OF MIND.   What does this really mean?
  1. I help take the weight off your shoulders as you work through the money maze.
  2. You have a plan in place that would protect you if something happened to the person (partner or spouse) that you rely on financially or for health insurance and vice verse. 
  3. You KNOW what documents are important and where they are located. 
  4. You have a plan in place for spending and saving 
  5. You have specified goals and a way to get there 
  6. All of the pieces of your financial well being talk to each other and work together (all types of insurance, retirement, wills) 
I hope you hear what I hear and take action.  YOU are the one to take care of YOU.   How can I help YOU feel safe, secure and smart about your money?  Give me a call!      865.690.4646   
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