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Congratulations to Joanne of Century 21.  She is the first person to have a cover-all playing my M.O.N.E.Y game (Bingo).  I had the honor of giving a Brunch 'N Learn to KAAR (Knoxville Association Area Realtors in August.  We played my M.O.N.E.Y game (BINGO) and had great conversations about family and spousal communication.  I was amazed at the strong women in this group.  Three out of six had special needs family members they were responsible for, all while having their own business! 
 bingo awardJoanne not only won a small prize for having BINGO first, but I put together a larger prize for my first ever cover-all winner. It was a basket with a memory foam pillow and some lavender. I'm pretty sure Joanne sleeps better at night knowing she has everything "covered" in her financial life.
  Deb Schmitz

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Being Cheap, Frugal, Conscious or Unconscious?

I have struggled with the concept of being cheap vs. frugal, conscious or unconscious about money, especially when I am working with women who want to become conscious about their finances.  If you believe in true abundance in the universe, it becomes even more mind boggling.  I really thought long and hard about this recently.  My husband and I went to Chicago over Labor Day weekend.  It is a 10+ hour drive, without traffic.  We decided to see where the GPS took us so that we didn't pay tolls (being frugal?). Well that backfired.  It ended up taking us the long way and traffic was horrendous.  At one point, it took us over an hour to go one mile and the total trip took over 13 hours!  We used more gas AND a significant amount of time to "save" $8.30 in tolls.  Were we really being frugal or cheap?  We laughed about it though, because we were so late, my husband missed a golf tee time.  We "saved" the money he would have spent at golf!  See how you can make life into positive outcomes?
If you become conscious about your money are you fretting over it more and worrying?  Well here is my two cents:   
  1. Everything in life is a choice.  And remember, doing nothing is a choice.  Every choice has consequences.  For some reason, consequence has a negative connotation, however the definition of consequence is: A result or effect of an action or condition.  All choices can be good if you make them good. 
  2. Becoming conscious about your money does NOT mean becoming fretful about your money.  When you are conscious, you can make informed choices.  See #1 above!  
  3. When you become aware, you will see how money flows.  There are plenty of examples we just take for granted.  For instance, I went into Jason's Deli in Knoxville and just wanted a drink.  The guy behind the counter said, don't worry about it, we'll catch you next time"  I am not a "regular", but will be from now on.  I was conscious that money had just flowed to me.  I am sure you have your own stories, if you just become conscious!
Learning to put a different spin on how you look at money is one of the ways I work with women.  So many I've worked with are actually having FUN learning how to be conscious about their money.  Call me if you want to become SAFE, SECURE and SMART about your money!      865.690.4646   
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