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I had a minor finger surgery done in July that made me realize it's the LITTLE unexpected things that give surprises!  When you have major surgeries on joints like I have -  you get prepared for not being able to walk, lay on your side, etc. for a few days.  But a finger?  Come on - piece of cake!
  Boy, was I surprised!  The whole surgery procedure was major, even though it was outpatient.  Getting there 2 hrs before, hospital gown, IV - the whole nine yards - for my finger?  It was my right middle finger.  Do you know how much I use that finger?  I couldn't write, use the mouse, use a fork, open a jar, go to the bathroom in a "normal" way, wash my hair.  It made me realize how much I take for granted the "little things" in life.  I learned to use my left hand pretty quickly for most things, but it was awkward.
So ....... raising your consciousness is continuing to be my mantra, whether it be your day to day routine or your money - it's the little things that can throw a wrench into things!  Pun intended!

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Money Consciousness and The Little Things

Little things can add up, so here are some tips to keep the little things little!
  • Set up reminder systems so you are never late for a payment.  Late fees add up.   Phones have all kinds of apps any more.  I personally use my Outlook calendar and set a reminder for 3 days before something is due.  The key is to use something that will work for YOU.  Make it colorful. 
  • Vacation - this sometimes throws our payment schedules off.  Before you leave, try setting up autopay on the date it is due.  
  • Credit cards - they have many more "oops" fees in place.  If you are late with a payment, they not only charge a fee, but can increase your interest rate to a VERY high rate.  If you are late - be proactive.  Make sure you call and ask that the late fee be removed and double check that your interest rate stays the same.
  • Insufficient funds (bounced checks) - this is an expensive mistake. You get charged a fee, but even more embarrassing is the person you wrote the check to is charged a fee from their bank also.  See if your bank or credit union offers an "overdraft"  protection product. 
I have worked with many women helping them save hundreds of dollars by setting up systems that work for THEM.  It's simple once you become conscious about what you are doing.  When we get in a rut about doing the same thing the same way, it helps to shake things up a bit.  Just like my finger and learning to use my left hand.  Call me if you want shake things up a bit so you can  feel SAFE, SECURE and SMART about YOUR money!      865.690.4646   
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