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Wow, what a busy June! 
I was on the planning committee for the East Tennessee Women's Leadership Summit which was an unbelievable experience.  We had 210 local women attend. AND the first woman mayor of Knoxville, Madeline Rogero, was the recipient of our first ever "Lizzie" award.  The theme was Live, Learn, Lead.  The whole day was filled with speakers, a scavenger hunt and dancing! Next years' event is scheduled for June 14th!

Then onto Nashville to spend the day at Tory Johnson's Spark & Hustle which focused on helping female entrepreneurs.  On the way over, I spent the night with my good friends Sue & Bill Painter in their new home.  As always, I got a boatload Painter 2012 of ideas from Sue and Bill.  Sue's website is if you want to check it out.  She has a wealth of knowledge!

I was also on a local radio station, WOKI, 98.7 with my good friend Richard Barbee on his weekly show, Family Time.  The interview will be posted soon. 

The common theme to all of this?
Raising Your Money Consciousness

  Deb Schmitz

"The Money Mechanic" 

Makeover Moments 

brainMoney Consciousness

In doing my research for the above "appearances" there are many reasons why women, in particular should raise their money consciousness.  I want to be clear - this is not to instill fear - far from it - I want you to ACT on it - because you can change the outcome!  Anyone who knows me knows one of my mantras is be proactive - not reactive!

Reasons to raise your money consciousness: 
  • 90% of us will be responsible for our own finances, due to death or divorce of a spouse.
  • We are out of the workforce15% of our working years, raising children and caring for aging parents.  Men are out an average of 2%. This translates to diminished contributions to 401(k)s, retirement plans AND Social Security.   ACTION STEP - KNOW IF YOU HAVE A RETIREMENT PLAN AND MAKE SURE YOU ARE PUTTING IN WHAT THE EMPLOYER MATCHES (IF THEY MATCH).  If you have a significant other - know about theirs also. 
  • Women are more conservative in their investment choices.  This can be good and bad.  ACTION STEP - UNDERSTAND WHAT IS IMPORTANT TO YOU AND WHAT RISK YOU ARE WILLING TO TAKE.  I CAN HELP YOU INTERPRET THE MONEY MAZE 
  • Even though women have  longer life expectancies, when asked how much they were aiming for in retirement savings, women aimed lower (half the amount men aimed for).  ACTION STEP - KNOW YOUR WORTH 
I could share even more, but don't want your eyes to glaze over!  Bottom line - become conscious about your money - not stressed or intimidated.  I help women get a grip on their money and protect what is important to them.  Call me if you want to feel SAFE, SECURE and SMART about YOUR money!      865.690.4646   
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Money Showers

Thanks to Zarah Cochran Bates for setting up the Money Shower at Studio Four Design.  Fun was had by all AND EVERYONE learned something about money!  Have your own group of friends get together. I also do "Lunch 'N Learns at businesses.

"Your ideas about money are very much like the family car.  They were established before you got here, and you had no choice in the matter.  As a child you had no vote in either the mode of transportation or destination.  But it's different now."

Deb Schmitz Excerpt from Chapter 2


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