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I hope you all enjoyed the holidays as much as I did.  We, as women, always have a case of the "Woulda, Shoulda, Coulda's" (WSC's)- especially during the holidays. As I get older and wiser (I hope) I have let go of those WSC's.  I have realized if I didn't get my cookies baked or my Christmas cards out, it really doesn't matter.  For me what is important is being around my and us 5  Since my Dad passed away a couple years ago, it makes me realize how important it is to spend time with those you love.  Many of you hear me talk about my Cleveland family, since this is where I grew up.  Here is a picture of me, my siblings and Mom. This year we made a memory picture book for my Mom.  We all wrote up a page to go into the book of the memories we had growing up.  We used  She did a wonderful job!  All of us loved how it turned out.  When writing these memories, my brother 
meg and meg recalled teaching my sister to ice skate wearing her pink snowsuit.  (Did I mention that the 5 of us "kids" and our spouses have a "white elephant" exchange.  I have a very creative family!!)  My brother found a pink snowsuit and stuffed it, then blew up a picture of my sister at age 5 and put the picture as the face in the hood.  This won the prize this year!
I hope you enjoyed this holiday season as much as I did and let go of the "WCS's".
Deb Schmitz

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Makeover Moments 

Getting YOUR Ducks in a Row
This is a WCS of a different kind.  Many of us ignore getting our "stuff" organized.  ducks in a rowThis is a topic that is top of mind in the new year - a common goal is to get organized and "turn over a new leaf".  It is actually a good time of the year to do just that!   Make it fun - stores have sales on organizing bins, filing systems, desk organizers - anything that you can put items in or label!  Find a way that helps you find this task at least palatable.  It is a good time to start to get ready for the dreaded time of the year - TAXES.  You will be receiving W-2's, mortgage interest statements, etc. in the next month.  Why not get a jump on it now and set up a simple filing system?  It will save you a lot of frustration come closer to April 15th (actually April 17th this year).
I have one expandable folder called "Current Year Tax Items"
If we give a box to Habitat, the receipt goes in the folder.  When we get our W-2's and 1099's, they go in there.  Mortgage interest paid, dividends, interest, safe deposit box fee - all goes in the folder during the year.  When tax time comes both my husband and I know where to go to get all the items.

Which leads me to another question - I
f something happened to you, would your spouse, partner, kids know where to find info on what bills to pay, who your doctor is, where the insurance policy is?  I spoke about spending time with family as being important, but having these items organized for them is just as important.  It will make it so much easier for those that you love to handle these tasks if they are not overwhelmed by where to find important documents.  Do you and your loved ones a favor - get your ducks in a row for 2012.

Taking this thought one step further - if you would rather have a root canal than organize your paperwork- hire someone who likes to do this - like me.  I can go through all of your financial "stuff", organize it and let you know where there may be gaps and help find money that you are losing without even knowing. 


This is just a small piece of how I serve my clients.  Let me help you make 2012 your organized year!  Stay warm!


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The number one resolution for the new year is to save money - NOT lose weight!  Money Showers are a good way to get the new year started.  They are fun and informative!  We play Money Bingo with M&M's, have trivia questions and prizes.  Everyone leaves feeling energized and knowing something about money that they didn't know when they walked in the door. They usually last about an hour, so they are great for lunch time or early evening.

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I am so glad I have you to help me through this transition.  It helps me think clearly and not let anything slip through the cracks.    W.P. 

It's January!  book picThe perfect time to shift gears and get a smooth running new year for your cash flow.

To get a quick tune up, purchase my book, "My Own Money Mechanic, Shifting Gears for a Money Makeover You can Live With" on my website at   Then after you get that quick tune up, call me to get a complete overhaul so your 2012 cash flow will run smoothly! Call me at 865-690-4646 or email me  You don't have to live in Knoxville to get my help 


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