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I have a terrible knack for setting off alarms.  Ask my dear friends who had me greeting the police at their door and explaining I wasn't a thief.  I knew the code, but somehow I got flustered and didn't get it punched in fast enough.  A couple weeks ago, I was preparing for our mastermind group.  Our conference area has an alarm on it and since it was during the day, I thought it had already been I was not expecting it to start beeping.  I very calmly went ovalarmer and pushed the buttons - but it didn't work.  All of a sudden -WOOP! WOOP! WOOP! and sirens!!!  At this point, I am VERY flustered.  I kept trying to push the correct buttons to no avail.  Finally someone came in and pushed the right buttons and the noise stopped.
Did I mention I didn't have my "cheater" reading glasses on?  I had the actual numbers right, but where you press "enter" was not where I was pressing.  My vision was blurry and clouded.  If I had anticipated that the alarm would be set, I would have had my glasses on. Hmmmm - is there a lesson here? 

Deb Schmitz

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Makeover Moments 

fall pathKnow Your Path?

As my example above about setting off alarms because I either get flustered or can't see clearly, our lives are the same.  We never know when something will be thrown in our path.  We live day to day and it is difficult to look to the future and ask "What If?"  I say this not to instill fear or lack.  I say this to get women to take action, be proactive and instill confidence and self reliance by taking charge of what affects you financially.   


Many times we don't know what we don't know.  I think it is always better to have an objective and often professional opinion about any significant situation or person in our life that is causing anxiety.  Our emotions are too intertwined in dealing with these topics. It is important that you don't get flustered or get caught "without your glasses".  It helps to be proactive in life instead of reactive - don't wait for an emergency to happen to act.  Here are a few tips so you can be better prepared if something gets thrown in your path:

  • Understand your homeowners insurance.  With the storms that we've had this year, many people have been blindsided.
  • Know what is covered with your car insurance.
  • Understand your employee benefits (retirement, short term disability, long term disability)
  • Know  if you or significant others have life insurance, how much and how long
  • Understand your health insurance and what happens to it if the person whose name it is in is no longer with you

All of these items are used to protect you and the ones you love - use them - know the alarm code..  I know at times it gets very confusing to decipher these complicated documents - get your glasses.  Find someone you trust who can be objective.  It is always a good idea to go over these yearly.  Why not make October your month to determine how your path is protected?



Happy Halloween!  Don't let financial responsibility spook you!


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I was very clear about what I needed to do for my current situation, but was really uncomfortable about my retirement plan. With all the market volatility, I did not feel good about where my meager retirement funds were invested. I couldn't afford to lose any money as time was not on my side.

Deb gave me peace of mind. She really listened to my concerns and developed a plan to get me where I wanted to go. I left her office confident that my future was secure.   J.H.


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