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Since I received the first 16 printed editions of my book on September 8th, I decided to take them on a road trip!  I had been birthing this baby for two years and it was time to celebrate!  I went to an eWomen Network function in Asheville, NC on September 9th.  Three eWomen Network Chapters were represented (Knoxville, TN; Charlotte, NC and Atlanta, GA).  Our chapter took a bus!  
eWomen AshevillIt was a great event and fun to meet other women from other chapters.  I love Asheville - one of my favorite places.
I then headed to Columbus, OH for a Loral Langmeier Cash Machine event.  The whole purpose of this 3 day event is to teach you how to tell people what you do and what you offer in a concise message AND to generate some cash.  Met some very interesting people here too.  I ended up selling books in Asheville and Columbus.  Off to a great start!

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falling leavesFalling Behind?

It seems everyone I talk to is so busy.  How did it get this way?  Technology is supposed to make life easier.  At times I think it tethers us to our cell phones and computers.  When we get busy and overwhelmed, we tend to lose our money awareness and just do what is convenient.  With the cost of everything going up - I've noticed food especially has taken a major hike.  However, I read in the paper yesterday that the fast food giants are offering major deals to get people in the door.  For once, it may be cheaper to eat out than in - if you like fast food!  Don't get overwhelmed.  Here are a few of my secrets:

  • Use gift cards purchased from a church or organization to buy groceries.  It's a win-win. The organization usually receives a percentage of what they sell and you get a finite grocery amount to spend.
  • You can do this with almost anything - dining out, movies, department stores - get creative and have some fun! 
  • Keep track of where you are.  I hate using the word budget - that is lack mentality.  I like to think of it as a spending plan - you are CONSCIOUS about what you are spending and grateful for having the purchase power.
  • Make 2 lists - one is called fixed spending.  This is your mortgage or rent, utilities and car payment for example. The second list is discretionary spending.  These are things you have some control over - groceries, dining out, entertainment.  Gasoline is always a tough one.  I put a portion in fixed spending- the part that gets me to and from work, BUT I consolidate as many trips as I can.  It helps with how much I put in my tank and how much emission goes into the atmosphere. 

Last month I had you think about what you owned.  This month is about being conscious about what you spend.  These both play an important role in determining where you are starting from on your financial journey.  We'll talk more about steps to get there.

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