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As the season changes we look ahead to the beautiful autumn colors. For your entertainment and benefit, we invite you to listen to our first podcast with yours truly and Guest Host Sadeer Farjo, JD, a lawyer who unlike this writer prefers not to be referred to as Doctor. My position is, a JD is a Juris Doctor and there is no law against it! :-)

Click here to listen to the podcast.
If you want to listen to it in your car, and make your drive time productive here are a couple technical solutions, recommended by our in-house technical  expert, Sadeer Farjo:

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 Questions to Ask Before

  Using Self Help Legal Services 

Do it yourself legal services can be more costly than hiring an attorney. There are many so called "self-help legal services" that try to lure people into hiring what a
mounts to be a legal template. On the outside these templates appear attractive because they may be inexpensive, available on demand and help you avoid the pressure of engaging a lawyer. People, however, seem to overlook many pitfalls that come along with these so called "self-help legal services." Before using them ask yourself the following questions to determine what your time is really worth to you:  
  1. Are you prepared to study up on each clause of this so called "self-help" legal template?         
  2. What will you do if you you don't know what a particular clause means, and where on the net will you begin to research that or compose the best query in your search engine?
  3. Are you just going to "Google" your way out of it?

    These are all questions people need to ask themselves before resulting to "self-help legal services". At the end of the day, you might find yourself spending 15 hours editing or drafting a contract where an attorney would have taken an hour to finalize.  Instead of spending 15 hours trying to "Google" your way into understanding a particular "self-help legal template," Perhaps you should consider hiring an attorney and spend those 15 hours establishing your business, or at home spending quality time with your family or the Creator.

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Many thanks for the rapid response to my request for Physician Contract service - you not only analyzed my new employment contract as a great legal team but there can be no doubt that at least one of your lawyers also thinks like a medical doctor! I will be recommending your services to other medical doctors here in the USA. Thankfully, your efforts will enable me to extend my J1 Visa aspirations as I continue caring for my American patients in English and Spanish.

Jocelyn L-P, MD

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