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If your computer is hacked, a legal remedy could prove costly, even impossible. If you are a business, you are surely aware of the wisdom of backing up your network server, right? Well, what about your internet connection? Should you have a back up internet service provider?  Yes!  You cannot afford not to have a back up connection available in case your primary internet connection goes down. To reduce the risk of connectivity issues, Jeffrey G. Nutt & Associates installed a back up internet network years ago. It's smart.

Did you know that by maintaining an up-to-date browser that you reduce the risk of a security breach?  "Poodle" vulnerability potentially allows an attacker to hijack and decrypt information passing between non-protected web browsers and the servers they are trying to access. Many older browsers are vulnerable to an attack. Here are the latest updated browser links and pertinent info compliments of a 2015 State Bar of Michigan post regarding the most popular browsers so you can verify yours is the most current or so you can download a more current version if needed: 
Internet Explorer 

Mozilla Firefox 

Google Chrome   

Apple Safari (Mac version)  

  • OS X Lion v10.7.5 not supported.
  • OS X Mountain Lion v10.8.5, OS X Mavericks v10.9.5, apply patches 2014-005 and 2015-002.
  • OS X Yosemite v10.10, apply patch 2015-002.
Apple Safari (Mobile version)
  • iOS 4 and below are not supported.
  • iOS 5 and above fully supported

Apple Safari (Windows version)

  • Not supported.

*Source: State Bar of Michigan March 2015 Post   


For more on this topic go to the US Department of Homeland Security





Jeffrey G. Nutt, J.D. 


President, Jeffrey G. Nutt & Associates, PLLC      

Common Core & School Principal Certification jumping_schoolkids.jpg
If you read some media reports, landmark "common core" federal legislation is creating more and more controversy.  Despite the passage of federal legislation involving "common core" standards, each state in the USA continues to maintain its own laws regarding the employment of public school or school district staff. 

To assure compliance with Michigan's public Act 451 of 1976, a superintendent of public instruction will normally expect that the minimum continuing education requirements be completed within 5 years after a Principal's initial employment and for each subsequent five-year period.  If, however, the Principal was employed previously as a school administrator in Michigan after January 4, 2010, then the Principal must either have a valid Michigan school administrator's certificate issued under section 1536 of Act 451 or be enrolled in a program that leads to certification no later than 6 months after the Principal begins the employment. Additionally, controlling state law requires that as a public sector employee, a Michigan Principal has rights, including the right to up to a maximum of 3 years to complete the certification requirement.  If you are a principal, to find out if you meet t
he legal requirements please do not hesitate to contact our office. 

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