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The year of 2014 ushers in a new focus with two important questions for the business leaders we serve:

1. What relationship do most major employers look for from their corporate training providers?

We agree the answer is implied in the question; it is that they are looking for a corporate training partner. They are looking for a vendor that will be more than just a content or a classroom provider and more one that will partner with them in the success of the business.  United University Online is ready to be a true performance consultant and help your staff use our courses for learning and professional development.

2. Why should employers turn to United University Online for their training needs?

With our courses, offered by academic partner at over 60 colleges and universities, we bring the richness that is Harvard Business School, that is MIT, and that is from leading industry experts. Our courses are designed by professors from those institutions.  The big trends in business right now are lifelong learners, enabled learners, self-reliant learners, learning in the workflow, on-the-job learning, performance support. These are the buzzwords of the corporate world today.

United University Online courses are gaining more ground in the corporate training world because we are accepting the reality that we must be flexible to employer and working student needs. Check out the 15% off discount on any course started before March 15th, 2014, as described at the bottom of this newsletter.

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