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GROW Public Workshops  Community Center Design and Intergenerational Living Exploration.  All are welcome.


Are you interested in joining the Grow Team to help design the neighborhood Community Center and to explore intergenerational living options at Grow Community? We will be hosting a series of interactive workshops in January to gather your thoughts and plan these spaces.

Grow Community Center Design Workshop  Sat. Jan 12th  |  1-4pm

Let the fun begin!  Now that Grow Community is under way, we are ready to begin the next phase - design of the community center.  This is your building, your place to hang out with friends, host a birthday party, read a book by the fire, work on your bike, participate in a yoga class.  Art studios, rooftop gardens, freezer storage, tool library and workshop, movie room, playroom, the list goes on.  As with everything at Grow, the possibilities are endless.  But it won't all fit in one building, so we'll have to choose.  And the choices are yours.  Please join us for an interactive workshop to share your ideas for this space.

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GROW - Intergenerational Living Workshop  Sat. Jan 26th  |  1-4pm

We have a new idea!  We are not sure what form this one will take and we want your help.  The concept for Grow Community has always been based on an intergenerational community.  What does that mean to us?  We imagine a neighborhood where families, young children, singles, retired couples, and elders all live in homes that suit their needs.  But not only that, the community, in it's physical and social design is intended to encourage interactions amongst all these residents.  We imagine a neighborhood where relationships are formed, spontaneously and intentionally, where young and old play together in the garden, share experiences and care for each other. 

The next buildings we construct will be designed to take this intergenerational concept to the next level.  The beginning of an idea has taken shape as we've listened to your feedback over the last several months.  A building based on Universal Design principles, with one-level flats, accessible spaces, comfortable spaces, spaces designed for young families and elders.  We are not quite sure yet what this building or the homes within it will look like.  We want to hear from you.  How do you want to live?  Come help us design your new home.

Click here for more details and to RSVP  |  All are welcome
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GROWing Community 
A new Island community where sustainability is built in. 

Nancy Goll wrote a great article about Grow Community in the local Bainbridge Island Magazine last month. Here is an excerpt:

Bainbridge Island is abuzz with prius-driving, bike commuting, composting locavores.  Now a new community going up in Winslow will raise the island's green cred even further.  The Grow Community, taking shape at Wyatt and Grow, is one of only a handful of neighborhoods in the world endorsed by One Planet Living, a framework for "enjoying a high quality of life within our fair share of the earth's resources."  As a One Planet Living community, Grow must comply with 10 principles that include zero-carbon buildings, sustainable materials and a focus on the local economy.  Fully solar-charged homes. Shared electric or hybrid vehicles and bicycles. Community gardens. An "eco-concierge." 



Grow Community is a new urban neighborhood on Bainbridge Island, just a 35-minute ferry ride from downtown Seattle. With beautifully designed solar-powered homes, shared community gardens and healthy transportation options, Grow allows all generations to enjoy a high-quality lifestyle without the high price.  Welcome home



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