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Sustainable Transportation Options For Residents At Grow Community 


One of the principles behind Grow Community's One Planet sustainable development model is reducing carbon from transportation. With this principle in mind, we set out to provide several sustainable transportation options for residents of Grow Community to make it easier to live without a car, or with only one family vehicle. Grow Community is a 5 - 10 minute walk (or leisurely bike ride) from downtown Winslow and the ferry to Seattle and the location of the development was carefully chosen to support a lifestyle that isn't dependent on a vehicle. All of your in-town amenities and transportation needs are close by, and, if you work in downtown Seattle, commuting is easy from Grow.         
Grow Community Car Share - Nissan Leaf
Photography by Anthony Rich
We know that residents will still need a vehicle on occasion, and there is room for each resident to have their own car. But what if you would prefer not to own a car, or need a second car only once in a while? That is when Grow Community's car-sharing program for residents comes into play. For a small monthly fee residents can opt-in to our Nissan LEAF car-sharing program and book our electric car for trips around town or into Seattle. The car is charged by it's own dedicated solar panel array and is a Zero Carbon transportation option for Grow Community residents.


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What's Been Growing On Around Here?  
  Grow Community Bainbridge Model Homes

Now Taking Reservations.  
The opening of our Grow Community Model Homes has been an incredible success!  We have seen more than 850 visitors over the last two weeks, and taken a number of reservations on homes for the first 3 phases. We are also taking back-up reservations, and creating a wait-list for rentals and homes in later phases. Regardless of your timeline If you are interested in living at Grow we encourage you to schedule an appointment soon.

Please contact our Sales/Leasing Director, Joie Olsen at 206.452.6755.  

Model Home Tour Schedule.  
Our Model Homes will be open for tours on the weekends through September from 1-4pm (with extended hours for Labor Day weekend 10am-4pm) and by appointment. Contact us 206.452.6755 to schedule an appointment.
Grow Community Sustainability Tours.
Interested in a sustainability tour? Join us Thursday afternoons at 4pm for a sustainability tour with our Architect, Jonathan Davis (Davis Studio Architecture and Design) or a member of our development team. We can walk you through all of the sustainability features incorporated into the designs of the homes and the community at Grow. Please RSVP here
or call 206.452.6755 to schedule this tour. 

Share Your Thoughts With Us
Already toured our Model Homes? Would you like to share your thoughts? We would appreciate your feedback. We have only just begun, with an expectation that this community will grow and evolve along with the people who contribute to it. Our vision, our plans, our designs are not yet complete. Whether you are a friend, neighbor or resident, we hope you will join us in shaping this community. Please share your thoughts, reactions, ideas about the home designs, the community, anything really.  



'There Grows The Neighborhood'
Bainbridge Island Review
Did you see the recent article on the front page of the Bainbridge Island Review?  If not click here.
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Grow Community's First Community Garden 

At Grow Community, we have a vision of creating our own sustainable agriculture program right in the center of Bainbridge Island.   We have designed multiple community garden spaces that will allow residents to grow their own food, grow food for others, build connections with their neighbors and be part of the Grow Community Garden Program.


The Grow Community Garden Program will use food as a tool for education.  Gardening "how-to" workshops will be taught by members of the community and will be open to everyone. Cooking classes will bring our harvest from the gardens into the community center.  Classes for youths will focus on garden ecosystems and healthy eating.



Grow Community is a new urban neighborhood on Bainbridge Island, just a 35-minute ferry ride from downtown Seattle. With beautifully designed solar-powered homes, shared community gardens and healthy transportation options, Grow allows all generations to enjoy a high-quality lifestyle without the high price.  

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