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Rio+20: BioRegional endorses the Grow Community as a One Planet Community.


We're excited to announce that Pooran Desai, founder of  BioRegional and champion of the One Planet Living framework, announced at Rio+20 this week the official endorsement of the Grow Community as a One Planet Community. Calling it, 'the best place to live in the USA', Pooran introduced the Grow Community, and Asani, to a diverse group of international leaders and business leaders as a turning point in North American sustainable development...
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From the post: Watch Grow Community Architect Jonathan Davis getting inspired talking about One Planet Living:
Will One Planet Living work for you?
Will One Planet Living work for you?

Looking for more information about Rio+20? Rio+20 is a UN conference on sustainable development taking place during June, 2012. Read our post about Rio+20 on our blog to get up to speed! 


Wondering what's going on with that black house along Grow Avenue? 
We've been getting a lot of questions at the GROW site regarding the new homes being built along Grow Avenue. Mostly, people seem interested in the progress on the site, when the homes are going to be ready for touring, and why they appear to be being painted black and if we plan on leaving them like that...[Read on]

The Aria Gets a Weather Resistant Barrier.
We're committed to keeping you up to date on our construction progress. Keep checking back on our blog for our weekly digest!

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We really enjoyed meeting with everybody and being able to share our vision and ideas for the Grow Community at the June Grow Drinks Event. Your feedback and thoughts are incredibly valuable. If you couldn't make it to the last Grow Drinks, mark your calendar for July 12th and August 9th and RSVP to

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Grow Community is a new urban neighborhood on Bainbridge Island, just a 35-minute ferry ride from downtown Seattle. With beautifully designed solar-powered homes, shared community gardens and healthy transportation options, Grow allows all generations to enjoy a high-quality lifestyle without the high price. Welcome home



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