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On March 31st we gathered a bunch of Bainbridge Island kids together at the place they love best, Kids Discovery Museum, and asked them to design the play spaces for Grow Community.  The only rule: it has to be awesome!

Young ones ranging from 3-12 years of age dived right into playdough, paper cut-outs, sticks and stones to build multiple models of their ideal play structures.  A good time was had by all.  Thanks to all those brilliant and creative young minds for their invaluable ideas!

Thinking about living at Grow Community?  Would you like to meet others who are? Join us for a positive evening of connection:  see a short, thought-provoking film, drink some wine, eat some cheese, and partake in some stimulating conversation.

May 10th - 7-9pm at OfficeXPats
in the Pavillion - Bainbridge Island.  Don't miss the fun!

If you are interested in connecting please RSVP to
and mark the date on your calendar!


We were thrilled to have 16  graduate students in a Sustainable Real Estate Development program, from Tulane University in New Orleans, visit with us yesterday to learn more about Grow Community and its One Planet framework, and to learn about our commitment to both economic and social sustainability.  Thank you for visiting with us and sharing your valuable insights.




Click here to learn about our plans for the trees on our construction site.
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the Ocean

Imagine you live in a home that requires little energy, both from you, your planet, and your bank account. You sit on your rooftop deck above the central green, where children are playing, your neighbors are gardening in the pea patches, and someone is reading under a tree. Go outside. Feed your compost to the chickens. Take the path to a barn where you collect your mail- --and chat with your neighbors. You are a five minute stroll (or roll) from town, where you can pick up a few groceries, launch your kayak in Eagle Harbor, or ride the ferry to downtown Seattle. You can even take the car share to venture off island.


Your life is remarkably comfortable and low maintenance. Your load is lighter -- on your mind and on the planet.

Imagine that!  



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