Have you registered your event on the 
Path Through History Weekend website?
This is why you should...

Greater Hudson Heritage Network is working in collaboration with the Path Through History Weekend to reach as many heritage sites in NYS as possible. So far, more than 350 daily events have registered! 

Have you registered your events yet? Do you have questions regarding your participation? Here are some answers to your questions and the most common FAQs....

We haven't yet registered our events - are we too late?
No. You are not too late! Click on this link to register now. Don't forget to include a photograph with your submission to more effectively promote your event!

My organization already has our 2016 calendar set - can we still participate?
Yes! We understand that at this time in the year, many of you have already set your event calendars. While we encourage special events, you may choose to promote your site or organization's regular programming (open hours, self-guided tours, etc) as well.

What are Path Through History Weekend events?
Path Through History Weekend is made up of events that celebrate national, state or local heritage. Historic sites, museums, architecturally significant buildings, local historians and historical societies, battlefields, historic districts, community groups and any resources that connect directly with New York State heritage are all invited to participate and get involved.

Where can PTH Weekend events take place?
Anywhere in New York State.

How do I submit my PTH Weekend event?
Events are submitted through the website and approved by an administrator. Please click here to submit your event.

How will I know if my event is approved as part of the PTH Weekend program?
Once submitted, if your event is approved it will appear on the website within 1-2 days. Please check the website for your event, and if you do not see it, please contact us at [email protected]. Please note: If you send us an email, please include a contact phone number for follow up. We reserve the right to accept or reject any events on the basis of their alignment with the program goals.

Do all events have to take place on June 18-19?
In general, Path Through History Weekend events should take place on June 18 and 19. However, if your organization has an event that occurs on or extends through that Friday and/or Monday you may enter those as well. 

How will PTH Weekend events be promoted? 
What type of support will my 
event receive?
All participating organizations, and I LOVE NY, will help promotion of these events to have a much broader reach, bringing them to a wider audience and raising the profile of heritage tourism throughout New York State! Path Through History Weekend events will receive promotion through the I LOVE NY website. Press releases, Public Service Announcements, and social media outreach will all be deployed in order to make Path Through History Weekend a premier event this summer!

Who do I contact about PTH Weekend?
Please feel free to call us at 914-592-6726 or email us at [email protected]. Please note: If you send us an email, please include a contact phone number for follow up.

We hope that you will take a moment to register all your events - both large and small - on the Path Through History Weekend website. This is an excellent opportunity to be promoted on a statewide platform supported by I LOVE NY!

Great appreciation is extended to all the program partners who are working diligently to showcase New York's unparalleled history. Path Through History Weekend would not be possible without the efforts of countless organizations throughout the State working hard to deliver programming that helps connect people to New York's history.


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questions you have about the 2016
PathThrough History Weekend