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Workshops and symposia, one-on-one guidance, statewide conservation grants, responsive technical assistance, annual awards, and email alerts on breaking news in the field.   These are just some of the services provided to museum and history organizations by Greater Hudson Heritage Network (GHHN) for over 30 years. We are a network where all can swap ideas and share collective wisdom.  

We know that you believe in the importance of the exploration and preservation of our past, and admire the work of the hundreds of museums, libraries, historical societies, archives and unique sites that contribute to the cultural heritage of our great state.  Today GHHN seeks your support to continue its behind the scenes work to strengthen these cultural resources for public use today and in the future.

GHHN's programs, publications, and professional services do not come cheaply. Income from program registrations and memberships, even in a normal year, does not cover our expenses; we must rely on contributions to help bridge the gap.  And, despite inflation and rising costs, we have managed to keep fees at the level of past years! That is why we ask you to help us keep the breadth and quality of our programs intact by making a contribution today. Help us serve you and the New York State heritage community for the future! 

Please consider making a donation to GHHN today - thank you for your generosity!

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