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We've had a great year, but we need your continued support!
If you are receiving this mailing, you already know 
how vital museums, archives, 
historical societies and libraries are to the preservation of th
rich heritage of the 
Hudson Valley region and 
the metropolitan area. 
History is preserved by a 
chain of hundreds of small to medium-sized institutions, 
all of which play necessary roles. They are staffed by hard-working individuals committed to accomplishing their missions in the face of insufficient resources of time, funds and expertise. 

Greater Hudson Heritage Network has always been in the foreground of this collective effort, providing workshops, training, advice, grants and more for 35 years.  This year, GHHN...
  • offered valuable networking opportunities while providing special access to those who attended our Behind-the-Scenes Networking Events. 
  • continued to provide training and technical advice on a range of collections care topics through workshops and webinars.
  • provided statewide IMLS Connecting to New York's Collections services:
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Thank you in advance for your generous and ongoing support of Greater Hudson Heritage Network!

Ward Mintz                                                      Priscilla Brendler
President, GHHN                                             Executive Director, GHHN
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