February 2016
New rules and regulations you should be prepared for
The shipping industry will experience plenty of changes in 2016. With mandates in place to ensure better safety, reduce complications, and improve communication, shippers need to stay up-to-date to keep their supply chain running smoothly.

Deciding which carrier your cargo will sail on is one of the most important decisions a shipper will make. Whether your top priority is transit time, price, or reliability this article is sure to include a route that covers your every need.

Why your current supply chain strategy isn't working
Supply chains are complicated. And overlooking even the simplest aspect could result in delayed shipments and unhappy customers. From the importance of proper forecasting to various compliance issues, these helpful tips contain everything you need to start driving business to the next level.

Your complete guide to ocean shipping containers
While it might seem like all shipping containers are the same, there are many different types and sizes to choose from. This article includes general descriptions and best uses for each, giving you the information you need to ensure your shipment is traveling in the proper container type.

The most in-depth study you'll ever see on the Miami tunnel that set new standards in transportation infrastructure.
Say goodbye to importing struggles and discover the 8 reasons you'll love shipping from China to the United States with LILLY.

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