January 2016
Experts Predict: Ocean freight rates from China in 2016
Ocean shipping rates in 2015 were fluctuating on a daily basis. But should you expect to see that throughout the New Year as well? In this article we take a deeper look at what caused rates to deviate so far from the typical trends and share expert predictions on the impact the global economy will have on rates in 2016.

What CMA CGM's acquisition of NOL means for the ocean shipping industry
As many carriers are working to cut cost in such a volatile market, mergers and acquisitions are bound to happen. In case you didn't hear, CMA CGM recently acquired NOL for $2.4 billion, causing a bit of a shakeup. How will this affect the future of ocean shipping and what should you do to keep business going?

The most important tips for doing business in China
Business etiquette in China is quite different than in the United States. And if you aren't familiar with Chinese business practices, you may easily offend a potential business partner. From the importance of "face" to the proper way to exchange business cards, we've got everything you need to know for success.

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Top transportation and logistics experts to follow in 2016
After you get your shipping information fix at the LILLY blog, where do you go for the latest logistics news and trends? We managed to narrow it down to 15 experts that are consistently on top of the global shipping industry, and they often provide great insight to boot. Stay up to date in 2016 by following these bright minds.

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