LILLY + Associates International
December 2015
Easy ways to avoid trouble with Customs and Border Patrol
At least 65,000 containers of cargo are scanned and inspected by customs officials every day. In this article we explain the importance of customs, a few reasons your goods may be stopped, tips to minimize the risk of having your cargo seized, and what you should expect in the process of getting your cargo back.

What to do about the astronomical air freight rates from China
Recent events have lead officials to become stricter on enforcing particular requirements, leading to a dramatic increase in China air freight rates. There are a few things you can do this peak season to help mitigate some of the cost without sacrificing the safety of your goods.

What caused rates in China to skyrocket?

Meet the friendly faces working on your China shipments
In the two short years it has been open, our office in Shenzhen, China has accomplished more than we had imagined, and we're not slowing down! The most exciting news yet is the recent acquisition of our Class A forwarder's license in the country. We're proud to introduce to you the team that helped use reach this coveted milestone.

The most in-depth study you'll ever see on the Miami tunnel that set new standards in transportation infrastructure.
Say goodbye to importing struggles and discover the 8 reasons you'll love shipping from China to the United States with LILLY.