November 2015
How to prepare for (and avoid) unexpected shipping fees
Nobody likes unexpected fees, but what if you could minimize your risk? The first step to avoiding unexpected shipping charges is to understand when you can expect them. In this article we show you how to prepare for what you might encounter while shipping goods overseas and give you tips on how to avoid those pesky situations.

Nobody understands port demurrage fees - until now!
In a recent survey conducted by LILLY + Associates, we learned that 95% of respondents had never heard of demurrage at a port - yet it is among the most common shipping blunders! If you've been waiting for demurrage to be explained in plain English, today's your lucky day. We leave no stone unturned in this detailed breakdown.

How freight forwarders benefit everyone
Many people think only businesses can benefit from utilizing a freight forwarder, but that's not true! We work with thousands of individuals shipping personal items overseas. Whether you're a business moving cargo around the globe, or just a regular person moving to another country - there are many benefits to shipping with a freight forwarding company!

Freight forwarding for everyone.

Is U.S. trade with China mutually dependent?
Will the trade relationship between two of the world's largest super powers remain unbalanced or will there be a shift as China transforms to a consumer economy?

Will there be a shift in balance?

The most in-depth study you'll ever see on the Miami tunnel that set new standards in transportation infrastructure.
Say goodbye to importing struggles and discover the 8 reasons you'll love shipping from China to the United States with LILLY.

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