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 May 2013

Our Partners 
Healthy Hero 
Bill Holden
Principal, Washington Elementary

We are proud to honor Bill Holden as our newest Healthy Hero. Mr. Holden is the Principal at Washington Elementary School located within the Madera HEAL Zone. Thanks to the efforts of Mr. Holden, and the Madera HEAL Zone, students at Washington Elementary School now have easy access to water through new water stations, and a greater knowledge about making healthy choices in their lives. Mr. Holden is truly a Healthy Hero for Madera and the students whose lives he enriches everyday.

"Healthy kids are happy kids." 
~Bill Holden
To nominate a Healthy Hero email Anita Ruiz.
Moment for Health

Quench Your Thirst Without the Sugar


During the hot summer days that are just around the corner, we encourage you to reach for water when you're thirsty. With all of the great summer drink options, water doesn't have to be boring. You can add fruit slices (lemon, cucumber, watermelon) for a boost of flavor and a festive look. This summer, be a Healthy Hero for your friends and family by choosing healthy, low-calorie beverages.


For additional tools and resources visit:

 Rethink Your Drink  

About HEAL

Inspired by its mission to improve community health, Kaiser Permanente developed the HEAL (Healthy Eating Active Living) program in 2004 to support healthy behaviors and reduce obesity through clinical practice and sustained community-level change. In 2005, the HEAL initiative grew to include place-based work, known as Community Health Initiatives (CHI), or HEAL-CHI. Today, seven HEAL Zones are building on the successes of HEAL-CHI. Since 2004, Kaiser Permanente has invested more than $21 million to support HEAL efforts across Northern California.


The Madera HEAL (Healthy Eating Active Living) Zone is a network of community partners working together to make healthy choices the easy choice for Madera residents. The goal of the HEAL Zone is to help prevent diseases such as type 2 diabetes and hypertension that often result from being overweight or obese. The Madera HEAL Zone Quarterly Newsletter is our opportunity to highlight activities and accomplishments within the Zone and to encourage community members to Get Active and Get Involved.

Public Health Week 

  April 1st-7th the Madera HEAL Zone celebrated Public Health Week. In conjunction with its partners, events were held throughout the Madera HEAL Zone to promote the fight against obesity, and increase awareness.

  The Madera HEAL Zone was recognized by the Madera County Board of Supervisors and the Madera City Council with Proclamations, as well as the Madera Unified School District with a Resolution. In addition, the HEAL Zone held a school based walking competition with over 800 students choosing to participate and get active. Members of the community also had a chance to get out and get active with a community walk. Finally, the Madera County Public Health Department wrapped up the week with a phenomenal Picnic in the Park event featuring great information and entertainment to get the HEAL Zone community excited about living healthier.

  Public Health Week was an amazing opportunity to highlight the great work of the Madera HEAL Zone, and focus the community on getting healthy. For more information on the Public Health Week events, or to participate next year please contact Tim Curley.  



Help a Group of Students Transform Their School and Lives
   A group of inspiring students are asking for your help to make their dream of a school based garden a reality. Led by the efforts of their teacher, Mrs. Carillo, students at Martin Luther King Elementary School are raising funds for basic garden supplies in order to create a garden at their school.  

  Martin Luther King School has a designated, fenced area for the garden where the students will be planting fruit trees and some vegetables. The garden will be utilized by all of the students at the school, and will be maintained by the garden club. Mrs. Carillo would like to give her students access to items that they wouldn't normally see, like pomegranates and other stone fruit. These items also tend to be more expensive when they are availble, which hinders the students' ability to experience them. Please help Mrs. Carillo and her students have a lasting and nutritious impact on their school. To donate to this creative effort please click on this link.

  For more information on the garden and the garden club please email Veronica Carrillo or call Martin Luther King Elementary School at 559-674-4681.  




"This community is in need of educating our students on making good choices when it comes to eating foods that are good for their bodies."

 ~Mrs. Carillo

Teaching Youth to Reach for Healthy Options 

    In honor of National Nutrition Month, Bridge Store in Madera teamed up with the Madera HEAL Zone, Madera County Department of Public Health, and Network for a Healthy California - Children's Power Play! Campaign, Retail Program to provide 84 fourth grade students from Washington Elementary School with an educational store tour.

   The students learned about fresh, frozen, and canned fruit and vegetable options, and where to locate them in the store. Students were also taught the importance of reading nutrition labels, and selecting items with no added salt or sugar.

  To conclude the nutritionally informative tour, Bridge Store sent every student home with a bottle of water, an orange, and a $2 fruit/vegetable coupon. Through the generosity of the Bridge Store, the students will be able to put all that they had learned into action. 

Empowering Our Community 
  Promotores de Salud are now active in the community! After a comprehensive 6 week training, each Promotor de Salud has been equipped with basic knowledge on the importance of physical activity and healthy nutrition for the prevention of chronic diseases. They were also given a list of resources, and a prescription for health pad. Promotores are participating at community events educating residents on healthy eating and active living and prescribing programs, classes, or activities that will assist people in adopting and retaining healthy habits.
  For more information, or to request the Promotores de Salud be present at your upcoming event please e-mail Mariana R. Delgado or call 559-351-9254.
Spice Up Your Nights with Free Zumba Lessons
  The kick off for free Zumba lessons in the Madera HEAL Zone occurred on Tuesday, April 9th at the Pan American Community Center. The Zumba lessons are a partnership between the City of Madera and the Madera County Public Health Department. On the first night 85 community members of all ages came out to dance the night away, and get healthier. Zumba is a phenomenal way to incorporate exercise into your day in an extremely fun way. Don't be left out, make sure the next free Zumba night is on your calendar.  

Summer is Sizzling at the

John W. Wells Youth Center 

  With summer quickly approaching, John W. Wells Youth Center is gearing up for many fun activites. Youth can enjoy daily recreational programs including sports, exercise, and crafts to enhance their physical health, increase well-being, and stretch the mind. As always, the community is eager for the opening of the swimming pool complex at Centennial Park(4th and Flume Streets). Recreational swimming will be offered Monday through Saturday beginning June 8, 2013. Registration for swim lessons for young children is now taking place.

  For more information regarding programs offered at the pool and at all of their sites click here. If you already know the programs you would like to register for please click here.

 Get Active, Get Involved
May 4-5, 2013
Get Moving for a Good Cause at
May 19, 2013
3pm-6pm Fruit and Veggie Fest
The Bridge Store
748 N. "D" St Madera, CA
May 30, 2013
9am-12pm & 1pm-4pm Harvest of the Month Food Demonstrations at Madera Department of Social Services
720 E Yosemite Ave Madera, CA
May 31, 2013
8:30am-4:30pm Harvest of the Month Food Demonstrations at Madera Department of Social Services
June 27, 2013
9am-12pm & 1pm-4pm Harvest of the Month Food Demonstrations at Madera Department of Social Services
June 28, 2013
8:30am-4:30pm Harvest of the Month Food Demonstrations at Madera Department of Social Services
July 30, 2013
9am-12pm & 1pm-4pm Harvest of the Month Food Demonstrations at Madera Department of Social Services
August 29, 2013
9am-12pm & 1pm-4pmHarvest of the Month Food Demonstrations at Madera Department of Social Services
August 30, 2013
8:30am-4:30pm Harvest of the Month Food Demonstrations at Madera Department of Social Services
September 9, 2013
September 27, 2013
9am-12pm & 1pm-4pmHarvest of the Month Food Demonstrations at Madera Department of Social Services
September 30, 2013
8:30am-4:30pm Harvest of the Month Food Demonstrations at Madera Department of Social Services
~Free Family Zumba~  
       Every Tuesday and Thursday
       Pan American Community Center
       703 Sherwood Way Madera, CA
~Monthly Diabetes Class~
2nd Monday of the Month
Camarena Health
344 E 6th St. Madera, CA
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Champions for Change

By working together, we can make lasting, positive changes in Madera's social and physical environments. We invite and welcome individuals, groups and organizations to join the Madera HEAL Zone and the fight against obesity.


Anita Ruiz

Program Coordinator

Madera HEAL Zone

Central Valley Health Network

For more information please contact Anita Ruiz, Program Coordinator at

(559) 255-5300  or aruiz@cvhnclinics.org