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JUNE 2016
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Introducing Members Advantage

by Dan Heffernan

I am excited to announce that Members Advantage, our new membership offering, is available this August.  Consultants, clients, and prospects collaborated with us to produce a top-notch solution, suited for large, complex organizations as well as smaller clubs. 

AdvantageCS has long been recognized for excellent publishing software solutions.  First developed in the late 1970s for a book publisher, followed by a magazine publisher, Advantage has evolved into a suite of products which manage everything from digital entitlements to subscriptions to ebook sales to conference registrations to continuity series to donations, and on the list goes. 

"Your staff are people who act with integrity.  I've worked with some of your newer employees, and I'm very impressed with them.  All in all, I'm very pleased with AdvantageCS as an organization."

- Tricia Koning
Director of IT, InterVarsity Press
What Floats Your Boat?

by Tom Burbeck

Good project managers are a breed apart. And good project management is crucial to our business success, obviously for our own software development, but even more importantly for supporting our new clients implementing Advantage. We've found through our many years of experience, despite the level of intelligence and experience of our engineers and business analysts, some got the gene, and others, well, just didn't. 

Rather than keep trying to train the ones who ain't got it, we find it's much better to become good at spotting the natural PMs; the ones just born that way. Give them some free rein to ply the skills that come naturally, step back, and enjoy the show. Like the test pilots in the movie The Right Stuff, these folks have what it takes and are a pleasure to watch in action.

Advantage Features Available 2nd Quarter 2016

by Tim Martin

These Advantage features are either available now or will be soon. Contact your Advantage account manager for more information. 
  • Suspend/Nonpay Cancel All Related Service

  • Print Subscription Bill-suspends and Triggering Term 
  • Multiqueue Support for MST210

  • OrderStream "Transaction Type"

Closing Out a Software Bug

by Sean Leslie, Code Detective

Waging war against software bugs can take a toll. This Advantage engineer depicts the aftermath of one such battle.
... I hobbled into my office. One leg dragging slightly like a long breath on a bitter cold winter day; every moment hurts just a little more than the last. I had been in brawls before, it's part of the job, but this time was different. This time one of us didn't walk away.
I continued to push my body into the room. I was only a few feet from my desk now. "Perhaps I'll make it," I allowed myself to think.
The floor came up to greet me like an old friend who had had too many to drink. Too fast, too firm, and unwelcome. I lay there for a few minutes to let the floor think it had won.

The Life Cycle of an Advantage Modification

by Tim Martin

Let's say you need a feature that's not available at your version of Advantage. For example, your marketers want to be able to delay charging a customer's credit card for a period of time after the order ships. (Order today and pay tomorrow!) Maybe you want to receive payment in a different currency than the one billed. Or you want to be able to grace issues based on the subscription term.  All of these needs---which were actual requests in the past---can be addressed by working with AdvantageCS to perform a modification to the software.

Getting Started 
The first step in the modification "life cycle" is to describe the business need and then submit is a request to AdvantageCS for a rough estimate. Then it goes to the AdvantageCS modification team, which meets twice a week to discuss these requests. 

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