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March/April 2015
AdvantageCS Welcomes New Client InterVarsity Press
by Cindy Mikol

AdvantageCS is pleased to announce our newest client: InterVarsity Press.  Located in Westmont, Illinois, InterVarsity Press has been publishing Christian books for more than 50 years. Their publishing program is focused on three imprints:

  1.  IVP Books offers general-interest books in categories like Christian living, discipleship, evangelism, missions, apologetics and cultural critique.
  2. IVP Academic offers books designed for research and classroom use in areas such as biblical studies, theology, philosophy, science and psychology.
  3. IVP Connect offers study guides, multimedia curriculum and foundational resources for churches and small groups. 



Preview of Advantage Features Coming This Spring

by Tim Martin

There are some nifty new features coming in Advantage. Here are just a few--available in the spring of 2015. Contact your Advantage account manager for more information.   

  • AMB Transaction History Tables
  • User-defined Renewal Flag Values
  • Update Billing Status for New Debits
  • Item and Price Code Qualification

Welcome New Employee Mark Pauze'

by Cindy Mikol

Mark Pauzé brings a wealth of skills and experience to his new position in the Client Service Division, as a member of the Special Services team led by Bill Pinard


For starters, he majored in international business at Eastern Michigan University, and all his business classes were taught in French, his language of choice. He spent two years of his undergraduate education studying in France.  First, he earned a scholarship and studied economics at L'Université d'Aix-Marseille - Aix-en-Provence in southern France for a year.  His second year there was spent at the prestigious business school L'École Supérieure de Commerce de Paris, where he specialized in marketing.



Welcome New Employee Javier Arreguin

by Cindy Mikol

AdvantageCS is happy to welcome Javier Arreguin as a member of the product development group led by Paul Sauter. A recent graduate of the University of Michigan, Javier earned a Bachelor's degree in computer science from the school of engineering. Although he learned a broad range of concepts and languages, he focused on system design and studied mostly C++.

During his college years, Javier held several internships, including one at Ford Motor Company in application management. He also worked as a software engineer at Plex Systems, where he learned to work with very large systems--good preparation for working with Advantage.



Continuity Programs in Advantage

by Phil Montgomery & Tim Martin


Did you know that Advantage offers continuity programs for your books and products? A continuity series allows customers to purchase a set of related products that are released to them sequentially over a period of time.  


Continuity programs give you the opportunity to periodically remind customers of your brand; the customer gets more exposure to your content and they get to "belong" to a club.  Throw in some premiums and it's a recipe for happy, loyal customers.

You can set up a continuity program using the Book Club functionality or the Standing Order program.



2015 AUG Review

by Doug Moore

After the recent user conference, several coworkers inquired as to how it went. Before answering, I asked myself: what really makes a user conference successful? Was it successful because of the many smiles in the room throughout the conference? What about the presentations? The weather? Maybe the end-of-week surveys? In the end, I determined, it all boils down to one thing: relationships.

Why is this so important? For one thing, sharing ideas and solving problems are a direct result of building successful relationships. Many of the roundtables demonstrated this. In the upload and upgrade roundtables alone, lessons learned were shared, questions were answered, and creative solutions explored. We also had some excellent presentations and panel discussions that really helped facilitate business solutions. 

How to Select Customer Totals in Aging Report

by Jeff Leonard

Tech Tip logo

Want to see an aging report that just shows customer totals?  You can use ARP626 with the following Selection Criteria. Simple! 




The Gift of Criticism

by Dan Heffernan

Recently, my wife needed to go back to a doctor's office where she'd had some minor surgery done some months earlier.  She was in pain and was concerned about infection.  She called the office to find out when they could see her but was met with the proverbial "please leave a message" announcement, rather than being answered by a human.  Instead of leaving a message and sitting by the phone for the rest of the morning, she decided to drive to the office and see them face-to-face and ask in person for a last-minute appointment.  I decided to join her so we could chat on the way.


When we walked into the office, I knew we were going to have a less-than-pleasant customer service experience.  It was written all over the face of the receptionist.  


European User Group to Meet in London April 15


The 2015 meeting of the European Advantage User Group offers attendees a single day packed full of sessions and networking, rather than spanning two half-days,

as has been the case in previous years. The growing group of Advantage users will gather at the Hilton London

Paddington on April 15th and

presentation topics throughout the day will include:

  • AdvantageCS news / direction / strategy
  • Latest product features
  • An update on Cider, the new eCommerce platform
  • Technology update
  • An overview of the new Automated Testing Framework

As always, a valuable aspect of the day is the opportunity to meet and interact with other users of Advantage.  Networking has consistently been rated by attendees as one of the greatest benefits of the conference in post-meeting surveys. 


If you haven't yet signed up, you may do so on LinkedIn by joining the European Advantage User Group Meeting Attendees -  EAUG 2015Or contact  Bob Thornton at ACS.


The Advantage User Group surprised Greg Stout with a cake at the AUG conference in February. Greg's retirement is effective at the end of March.




Editor: Cindy Mikol



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