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May/June 2015

Preview of Advantage Features Coming This Summer

by Tim Martin

There are some exciting new features coming your way this summer in Advantage. Here are just a few--contact your Advantage account manager for more information.   

  • Streamlined Customer Information Maintenance 
  • ARPCAR Reorganization
  • AMB Package Migration
  • AMB "End of Service" Renewal
  • Promotion Choice Package Setup
  • Unit Package Allocation

Ouest France Upgrades to 2014R1
 by Cindy Mikol Twiss

Congratulations to everyone at Ouest France on the recent successful conclusion of their upgrade project. The team focused on thorough testing before throwing the switch, and this preparation resulted in an extremely smooth cutover with few significant issues.

Vanessa Kergroas was the project manager for Ouest France, with Didier Kurz and Jean-Dominique Hardy providing executive support. The functional leads on the team were Anne-Yvonne Surel, Alain Gallard, Alain Kerboul, Laurence Schneegans and Christophe Garel.

On the AdvantageCS side, John Hughes led the charge as project manager, ably assisted by Philippe van Mastrigt, Mark Pauzé and Larry Kleber. The engineering team led by Mike Hasey provided many hours of tremendous engineering support. 


Welcome New Employee Wouter Verkerk

by Cindy Mikol Twiss

Wouter Verkerk is the newest member of the AdvantageCS projects team, reporting to Daryl Vautour. Little did Wouter know that nearly everything he did in his life prior would be ideal preparation for working at AdvantageCS. Take his education, for example. He studied Language and World Business at Eastern Michigan University, earning dual bachelor's degrees in French and World Business Administration. After graduation, he began his own tech support and translation company, using his knowledge of French business terms to translate all manner of business documents, and learning the inner workings of software programs. He is also proficient in SQL. 



Welcome New Employee Stephen Oller

by Cindy Mikol Twiss

Stephen Oller has joined AdvantageCS as a business analyst in the Client Services division, reporting to Doug Moore. Stephen has a Bachelor of Science degree from Saginaw State University, where he studied computer information systems.

After graduation, he worked as an application developer for a mortgage company and then as a developer in a software consulting firm. His most recent position was in technical support for H & R Block. Stephen found that although he enjoys programming, he prefers a job that offers more contact with other people. The position at ACS allows him to use his technical ability, as well as providing frequent interaction with team members and clients.


Product Bundling--A Key Marketing Strategy

by John Sheehy

Many Advantage features are born from the minds of marketers---not only from our clients, but also from our internal experts. One simple reason is the need for publishers to stay competitive in today's market by implementing increasingly sophisticated marketing campaigns. One area guided by marketers that has seen quite a bit of development in the last several years is product bundling (known in the Advantage software context as packages). Advantage has supported bundling for 15+ years, but today there are about 10 different flavors available. You might be thinking: isn't a bundle just a bunch of products? What could distinguish one from the other? Consider the following three use cases: 



American Psychiatric Association Upgrades to 15.3

by Cindy Mikol Twiss

Congratulations to the American Psychiatric Association who recently went live on Advantage 15.3. This means they are now on the continuous update track of Advantage, in which updates are released every four to six weeks.  Clients now have the option of moving to this Feature update track, which eliminates the traditional upgrade project.  Instead, participants get the changes as they become available. (For more information on the continuous update method, see story in the Sept/Oct 2014 eVantage).


APA's update also included the implementation of SOAP/Web services and CyberSource with tokens.


The APA team included Roger Domras, Debra Eurbanks, Christie Couture, Brian Cole, Shruti Kulkarni and Sreeni Reddy.


Philippe Rowland led the charge on the AdvantageCS side, with assistance from Todd Gilson, Sidd Vemuri and Larry Kleber.


Great work, everyone!


Report from the 2015 European User Group Meeting

by Bob Thornton

The 2015 European Advantage User Group meeting was held 15 April at the conveniently located London Paddington Hilton. Attending were 33 clients representing 12 companies from England, France, Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Belgium and Portugal. AdvantageCS was itself "multi-national," with staff from England and France as well as the United States.

Dan Heffernan, VP of Sales and Product Direction, led the day and kicked it off with an overview presentation of AdvantageCS news and the roadmap looking ahead. He highlighted our three newest clients, including Finland's Talentum, who had three representatives there.


Editor: Cindy Mikol Twiss



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