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November/December 2014
Advantage Welcomes New Client Talentum 
by Cindy Mikol

Advantage is pleased to announce our newest client: Talentum. Talentum is a B-to-B publisher based in Helsinki, Finland. Their history goes back to the year 1938 and the establishment of the financial journal Talouselämä. 


Talentum provides media, professional literature and online and information services for professionals whose interests include technology, finance, management, health care, advertising and law. Additionally, Talentum implements training courses for these target groups and organizes events of various types. Its key products are magazines, books, online services, training and events.

Talentum operates in Finland, Sweden, Denmark, Baltic countries and Russia. In the Nordic countries, Talentum has a total of some 1.1 million readers of journals and magazines and about 1.0 million users of the online services. 




Cooking with QA

by John Sheehy and Stephanie Widrig

As Product Manager, I spend the majority of my days designing new, cool features (e.g., Cider and Call Center) and working with clients to build solutions. This typically involves lots of computer time, and when my day is done, I like to turn to something equally creative, but in the analog world: cooking. My favorite source of recipes is Cook's Illustrated --I subscribe to both digital and print versions (... sounds like a mixed Advantage agreement to me). So, what does this have to do with software QA? Well, cooking can serve as an analogy to describe some exciting new features coming with the 2015 release of Advantage due out in January 2015. 


While I enjoy cooking, I'm less excited about cooking in someone else's kitchen. The stove is electric, the salt isn't in the right place, the pans are too small, the spoons are plastic instead of wooden, etc. I do my best, but the results are not as satisfying as when I'm in my own domain. Wouldn't it be great if I could perform some tests on the unfamiliar kitchen prior to starting? 


Aller Media Sweden Goes Live on Advantage

by Cindy Mikol 


Aller logo
Aller Media's Swedish operations-located in Helsingborg--recently went live on Advantage, the second country to go live, following the Danish cutover in May. The remaining countries, Finland and Norway, are soon to follow. Aller Media is the leading publisher of weekly magazines in the Nordic countries with a weekly circulation of approximately 2.7 million issues.

The core Aller team consisted of Lena Nyqvist as the project manager, Anders Myrén as the integrations lead, Marcus Eberhagen as the test lead, Diana Tegnér and Joanna Wieckowska as the fulfillment leads, Madleine Victor as the finance lead, Lotta Björling as the marketing lead, Annelie Andersson as the distribution lead, Charlotte Andersson and Emma Petrisson as the customer service leads, and Tommy Hansen as the lead data conversion developer.


European Taxation Change Jan 1 2015

by Phil Montgomery

Starting 1 January 2015, supplies of telecommunications, broadcasting and electronically supplied services made by EU suppliers to private individuals and non-business customers will be taxable in the member state of the customer. 


Current rules stipulate that the place of taxation is the supplier's location, but starting 1 January 2015, this will change to the place of consumption (i.e. the customer's location).

Suppliers of such services will therefore need to determine where their customers are established and to account for VAT at the applicable rate in that member state. This is a requirement irrespective of where the supplier itself is established or registered for VAT.
If your organization is located in the EU and you are using the Advantage Taxation feature, this means you will need to create tax rates for each country rather than using a Euro-zone tax record.


John Hughes: un"bon gars" in Any Language

by Cindy Mikol
employee profile logo

John Hughes is indeed a good guy. He's a member of the Special Services team led by Bill Pinard, within the Client Services Division of ACS. Other CSD teams specialize in implementations or upgrades or support, but this group steps in wherever they are needed. They provide resources to other teams and tackle one-of-a-kind projects that don't fit neatly into an existing category.

John's job definitely qualifies as one of a kind. When he joined AdvantageCS almost five years ago, his French speaking ability was a huge plus, and he has put it to use more and more each year since then. Today, he is the "go-to" guy for support and anything else required by Advantage's French clients. This may involve technical support issues, training or helping with software upgrades and other client projects.

As an analyst, John is the liaison between clients and engineers. In his case, he says with a smile, that this means he is actually dealing with three layers of translation-from French to English to "engineer-speak" and back again.


Sharing Ideas for the Future in Helsinki

by Philippe van Mastrigt

The 2014 Advantage Management Roundtable took place in Helsinki, Finland, on 9 and 10 October. This was a gathering of executives and managers of AdvantageCS clients in Europe who met to share their vision of the publishing industry and their priorities. Arnaud Habrant (Martin Media, France), Philippe Toulemonde (Ouest France, France), Mark Judd (CDS Global, United Kingdom), Klas Person (Egmont Publishing, Sweden), Juha Blomster and Pirjo Nurmilaukas (A-lehdet, Finland), and Santtu Elsinen and Ilkka Torkkel (Talentum, Finland) joined the roundtable.


A-ledhet Oy graciously hosted the meeting in its beautiful office, with a great view of one of the 1,000 lakes of Finland. Many thanks to Juha Blomster, A-lehdet CEO, and Pirjo Nurmilaukas, Senior Vice President, Marketing & Sales, for making it all happen.   



How to Quickly View Recent Session Customers 
by Mike Miklosovic

Tech Tip logo  

A new Ribbon button called 'Recent Session Customers' exists (beginning with version 14.1) that reveals a list of customers recently accessed. This button displays, at any time and from any view, the most recent customers that you have selected.


A system option (RCTCTMLM - Recent Customer Limit) determines how many customers to save in the database table CDSRSC_T.


View the list of most recent customers by clicking the button in the Ribbon in the Home group.




Register for a FREE Cider Webinar in December!


Since we first announced it in February (Cider blog post), development of and interest in the Advantage eCommerce initiative-Cider-have been booming (Cider update). It's on track for the 2015 release of Advantage due out in January 2015.

For those needing a refresher, Cider is a feature-rich eCommerce platform that offers powerful shopping cart and self-service capabilities, a marketing portal for marketers to create and assign promotions, a flexible administration panel for customizing the look and feel of your site, and built-in support for third-party plug-ins. The platform integrates directly with the Advantage engine via a new REST API.

We've done 20+ Cider demonstrations to clients and want to provide another forum for clients who haven't formally requested a demo to see what we've been up to. Is Cider right for you? Want to see what the buzz is all about? Register for a free webinar in December and see for yourself.



Sunny Florida Is Site of 2015 AUG Conference 
by Cindy Mikol


Have you registered yet for the 2015 Advantage User Group conference (February 11-13 in Lake Buena Vista)? Based on years of feedback from attendees, it's pretty much a given that you'll come away with valuable ideas you can implement in your company and new or renewed friendships with your peers from publishing companies around the world.

This year's focus is on optimizing your use of Advantage and adjusting to a rapidly changing environment. The agenda is action-packed with presentations, panel discussions and roundtables full of useful information and interesting viewpoints. And there will be ample opportunity to relax and socialize with your fellow Advantage users.

Dates: February 11-13, 2015

Location: Holiday Inn - Lake Buena Vista
1805 Hotel Plaza Blvd.
Lake Buena Vista, FL 32830

Deadline for the early-bird rate is November 21st, so register now. For more information, contact your account manager today.


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